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Stockholm UniversityStudy at the Faculty of Science at Stockholm University!

Stockholm University's Faculty of Science is the largest science faculty in Sweden - ranked among the best hundred science faculties in the world on the Shanghai ranking. The faculty offers a range of high-quality science degree programs, with over 30 Master's level programs offered in English. Its four main subjects are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science

The faculty has a global reputation for its excellence in research, and has attracted outstanding researchers since it began in 1878, including Gösta Mittag-Leffler (Mathematics), Wilhelm Leche (Zoology) and Svante Arrhenius (Physics), who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1903. The majority of the faculty's current teaching staff are active researchers.

The university offers rich possibilities for international exchange and study abroad opportunities in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. 

Stockholm University

Stockholm University is the largest university in Sweden, and is at the international frontline for education and research within science and human science.

The university is situated in the middle of the first national city park in the world and is characterized by natural beauty, unique architecture and contemporary art and sculpture. The university is located only ten minutes from the urban buzz of the city with people, music, fashion, architecture, and culture.


Master's degree
Biology Delivery method Length Location
MA in Biochemistry On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Biology On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Genetic and Molecular Plant Science On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Molecular Life Sciences On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Organic Chemistry On campus 2 years Stockholm
Environmental Science
MA in Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography and Climate On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Environmental Science On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Polar Landscapes and Quaternary Climate On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Geological Sciences On campus 2 years Stockholm
MA in Physics On campus 2 years Stockholm

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Scholarships & funding

If you are a PhD student or a researcher at the university you can apply for scholarships from the university’s scholarship trusts. Scholarships from various donation funds are announced in the middle of March every year.



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Why study at Faculty of Science - Stockholm University

Scientific research includes everything from the study of the tiniest components of matter to discovery and analysis of interstellar phenomena. But there is more to it than research... Combining studies in science with studies in languages, economics or even communication, could make your competences and profile more attractive on the labour market.

Stockholm University offer students this possibility with its wide range of courses in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Scientists and mathematicians are found in the most varied job position from financial analysts, investigators, authors, consultants, sales persons or project managers in many different fields. The wide range of courses offered, both in science and other areas as well as the opportunity to choose the direction best suited for you – with the additional possibility of later changing track, or supplementing you studies with a new topic – increase your chances of success on the job market.

Scientists and mathematicians worldwide work with the future. It can be to make more reliable weather forecasts, develop new and better drugs, improve protections for the environment or create healthier food products. In an international survey of the employability of university graduates, Stockholm University ranked highest in Sweden, second in Scandinavia and 62 worldwide.

Faculty of Science - Stockholm University is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad Top 10 Europe rankings 2021 Top 10 Europe rankings 2020 badge

Student services & facilities

Several student support units are based in Studenthuset, for instance study and career counselling, the Academic Writing Service, support for students with disabilities and the Admissions Office. The bottom floor houses Stockholm University Student Union. On the first floor you find the Student Services’ reception Infocenter. Infocenter is an information hub for students and visitors at the Frescati campus. For international students it can be especially helpful during their first arrival days or weeks, for guidance concerning activation of university account, finding their way on campus etc. You can ask our Infocenter staff about anything concerning your studies, such as admissions, degrees and student support. If needed you will be referred to other functions within Student Services or to the departments.


Teaching and research activities at Stockholm University take place in the Frescati area just north of Stockholm city, which stretches from the Bergius Botanic Garden in the north to Sveaplan in the south. It is located in the middle of the world’s first national city park, and the area is characterised by beautiful nature, interesting architecture and modern art.

Student lifestyle

As a student at Stockholm University you have a wide range of sporting activities to choose from. Yoga, football, martial arts, dance, gymnastics or tennis? What type of training suits you? At Frescati Sports Center (Frescatihallen) on campus Frescati a number of training sessions are held every day by Stockholm Students' Sports Association (SSIF).


Stockholm University rents and manages furnished rooms and apartments which are owned by other landlords in Stockholm. These are available to international students at Stockholm University.It is important to start your housing search well in advance. Although finding housing in Stockholm may be tedious and hard work, most students find somewhere to live after a while and there are many ways to housing on the private market.


Faculty of Science - Stockholm University

Universitetsvägen 10A
106 91 Stockholm

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