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Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

The Faculty of Humanities is the youngest Faculty under the renowned Charles University located in Prague, Czech Republic, gaining full academic autonomy in 2000. As such, it combines in itself the old and famous tradition of Charles University with modern and unique approaches in both science and education. Thanks to that, the Faculty offers a personal approach from teachers and staff along with interesting study programs.

Charles University was founded in 1348, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. It is the largest and most renowned university in the Czech Republic, and is also the best-rated Czech university according to international rankings. It maintains study contracts with prestigious universities in 58 countries all over the world which has significantly strengthened the University’s international profile; these international links have also supported the University’s efforts to achieve high standards of excellence and its active support for international student and academic staff.


Bachelor's degree
Humanities & Culture Delivery method Length Location
BA in Liberal Arts and Humanities On campus 3 years Prague
Master's degree
Humanities & Culture
Gender & Sexuality
MA in Gender Studies On campus 2 years Prague
MA in Oral History and Contemporary History On campus 2 years Prague
MA in German and French Philosophy On campus 2 years Prague
MA in Historical Sociology On campus 2 years Prague

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Scholarships & funding

Our Faculty does not provide any grants or other funding options that are intended to cover tuition fees of foreign-language study programs. Other options of funding can be found through national governments and other institutions such as the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MEYS) which offers scholarships to foreign students and researchers. 


Why study at Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

  • A pioneer since its inception, the Faculty was among the first at Charles University to adopt the Bologna Accords.
  • Utilizes advances in e-learning and academic tracking technologies to allow distance learning for both traditional and non-traditional students, increased student-teacher communication.
  • Highly supportive of student mobility and encourages participation in various types of exchanges (the ERASMUS+ exchange programme, summer school programmes, bilateral agreements at the University as well as school level, etc.) leading to high student diversity.
  • Diversity is underscored by our significant group of foreign-language full-time students which come from all over the world and contribute to the diverse environment.
  • Under the leadership of Dean Professor Jan Sokol, Ph.D (former education minister and nominated candidate for the presidency of the Czech Republic in 2003), the school has developed several progressive programs answering important Faculty developmental needs.
  • Developments in the Bachelor’s Programme in Liberal Arts and Humanities offering students unprecedented choice in course selection, in both theoretical and applied arts of philosophy, history, social sciences, and languages.

Awards & Accreditations

Ranks among the 1.5% best universities in the world

Ranked 201st 

Academic Ranking of World Universities

Ranked 260th in the world

QS World University Rankings 

Student services & facilities

  • Charles University goes to great lengths to provide students with a variety of support services to try and ensure optimal conditions for their stay and studies.
  • The university offers a wide range of information and advisory services, including library services and access to e-resources (such as electronic journals) as well as the services provided by the Charles University Information and Advisory Centre and the University’s card service centres (for student and staff identity cards).
  • Our students with special needs can use a range of University services which are designed to help students to overcome any difficulties they may encounter. The provision of support services for students with special needs is governed by the Rector’s Provision No. 9/2013: Charles University standards of support for students with special needs.
  • The univeristy also offers free counselling to all its students which is intended to help get you through the challenges that you may face in emotional, interpersonal, and academic/career–choice situations.


Our Faculty relocated to a brand-new modern building during the summer of 2020. The new Faculty headquarters, located in Prague 8, contains everything a student needs such as the Faculty library, study spaces, cafeteria, near-by dormitory and a university canteen!

Student lifestyle

Charles University offers a wide range of opportunities for students and staff to pursue their pastimes and hobbies. Charles University staff and students have always been known for taking an active, creative approach to their leisure time, running a wide variety of societies, academic clubs and other associations. Some of these societies operate at the University level (and are open to all members of the academic community), while others are organized at a faculty level (though they are also open to members of other faculties).

The University has several sports complexes and other interesting places where people can meet and spend their free time. Sport is an inseparable part of university life and it has enjoyed a long tradition at Charles University. In addition to sport acitivities, our University offers a range of music and drama societies and film clubs, and also hosts many exhibitions during the academic year. Rare faculty collections from specific fields, often displayed in specialized museums, reflect the University’s rich and fascinating history.


Charles University offers accommodation in its dormitories and residence halls. There are 11 residence halls in Prague which offer an affordable accommodation for all Charles University students.

Since our Faculty moved to its new building (Pátkova 2137/5, 182 00 Prague 8) during the summer of 2020, we especially recommend Student Residence 17. Listopadu (Kolej 17. Listopadu) which is located right next to the new Faculty building. This dormitory offers accommodation in “apartment cells”.


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This university was the best decision in my life. I'm glad I can call this university my alma mater, it opened the door to the science for me. Btw. I've found my best friends here!
Faculty of Humanities gives you high-quality education. I appreciate individual approach!
Love the diversity and interdisciplinarity of courses as well as the variety of academic fields we can explore. The faculty is smaller compared to other CU faculties and has a family feel which I love!
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