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Master Architecture

ETH Zurich
Master's degree
On campus
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Program description

Master Architecture

The Creative Search for a High-Quality Architectural Environment

Architecture does not only involve construction. It also comprises a search for creative solutions which address the conflicting issues of building, living and working requirements, aesthetic priorities, and maintenance of good quality of life in the structured environment.


The aim of the Master's degree program is to expand the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor’s degree program, and to foster an increasingly independent, individual approach to working, the development of integrative thought and creative faculties, and the handling of larger-scale architectural assignments.

To obtain a Master's degree, proof of external work experience of at least six months must be provided.

  • Design, specialized project
  • Specialisation, elective projects
  • Electives, seminar weeks
  • Master's thesis (10 weeks)
  • months’ work experience in the architectural field

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ETH Zurich

Freedom and individual responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness: ETH Zurich stands on a bedrock of true Swiss values. The university for science and technology dates back to the year 1855, when the founders of modern-day Switzerland created it as a...

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