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Bachelor Architecture

ETH Zurich
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Bachelor Architecture

The Creative Search for a High-quality Architectural Environment

Architecture does not only involve construction. It also comprises a search for creative solutions which address the conflicting issues of building, living and working requirements, aesthetic priorities and maintaining a good quality of life in the structured environment.

The aim in the first year of study is to develop the perceptive and creative faculties, impart the methodology of architectural design, and provide a grounding in the natural sciences, technology and the humanities and social sciences. This basic knowledge is expanded in the second and third years. Six months of work experience in the field of architecture must also be completed to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

Career opportunities

Career profile

Architects use architectural resources to create, alter and preserve a structured environment to fulfil the expectations and address the conditions of both the individual and society.

In the broad field of construction, their area of responsibility involves analysis, creative thought and action, and negotiation. They reflect on the needs of society and convert these into a structured environment. They respond to changes in conditions and design far-sighted strategies to manage change.

Architects either work independently or as employees in architectural offices. They are also employed in construction companies, administration and large businesses, and work in the fields of design, art and culture.

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