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EIT ICT Labs Master School

EIT ICT Labs Master School

The EIT Digital Master School is much more than ‘just a school’. In fact, the classroom component represents only a part of the total learning experience. After all, truly mastering a subject requires that you get hands-on experience - and what better way to do that than working alongside some of Europe’s leading minds in academia, research, entrepreneurship, business, and industry.

EIT Digital has established itself as a literal hub of innovation. In fact, through our partnerships, we’re behind some of the cutting-edge research that is driving Europe’s digital transformation.

Situated in 19 cities around Europe, (in Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany, the UK and Italy), the EIT ICT Labs Master Schools immerse its students in a research environment which is the perfect foundation for future doctoral studies.

As part of the EIT Digital Master School, you will have direct access to this extensive hub of activity. From working in our colocation centres to interning within a disruptive scale-up or technology stalwart, only EIT Digital offers this one-of-a-kind opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge towards solving real-world challenges.

You can continue to leverage the EIT Digital network even after you graduate. All our alumni get exclusive access to the EIT Digital Job Portal – a one-stop-shop of curated job opportunities. Furthermore, as a member of our alumni community, you’ll join a global family of entrepreneurs, business executives, top researchers, and thought leaders.  

Upon completion of your degree, EIT ICT Labs Master School will reward you your double degree from the two universities you have attended, as well as EIT and EIT ICT Labs Certificates.


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