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Student reviews for EIT Digital Master School

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Before applying to the EIT Digital Master School, I thought this program would have given to me a great experience just because it guaranteed me to study at two universities, thus, to have a double degree. Fortunately, I later discovered that there was more. In fact, not only did it offer me an international experience in the field of cybersecur...
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Vinko Mlacic
This master includes an I&E innovation minor which helps students to get into the innovator/businessman mindset. The program allows you to do your master in two different countries which I found very valuable. I have met a lot of future professionals from all parts of the world and created a network of people coming from different cultural envir...
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Beatrice Olivari
"Not just one year in your life, but your life in a year". That is what they say when they descrive one year studying aboroad. So just imagine how increadible it could be to duplicate this yearly experience and to share it with an increadible network of people who will soon become your "family abroad". This is EIT!
This is a great program if you are interested in both technology and business. It provides you with many opportunities in both fields, mostly with real-life business cases or projects. Also, the international aspects means you will meet a lot of great people and visit new places. This means you don't only learn educational things but also learn ...
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