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Learning through technology, training, & design, Education First (EF)

Combining technology, training, and design, EF's highly customized language training programs focus on dialogue and immersion to provide dynamic, online self-study. Courses are tailored to students' needs and intensive study abroad programs are also available. EF language learning solutions fast-track your language learning.



Technology is a critical component for the development of teaching. At EF, technology is used as a learning tool. EF is always looking for new opportunities in technology to help make education richer and more engaging.


The research carried out through EF's network is enriched by prestigious schools such as the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Peking University, Moscow State University and the University of São Paulo. This gives students access to data on language learning, teaching, and testing techniques. The research contributes to a deeper understanding of language and learning worldwide.


Design is for just graphics at EF, it is the result of experience. What we do every day changes the conditions for people around the world, meaning the need to convey our experiences in a visual way. In Shanghai, London, and Boston, EF has professionals who are working as software developers, designers, linguists and filmmakers to revolutionize the way we learn.

EF is constantly developing progressive technology to create new opportunities in speech recognition, virtual tools, and learning. EF employs the best and most innovative employees to constantly be at the forefront of international learning. Professionals from the world's top companies come to EF for their language development!

EF EfektaT™ - The cloud-based English language school for companies

The EF Efekta™ cloud-based school was developed by EF to serve professionals needing to learn English quickly and flexibly for their roles at work. The entire program is available online and includes 2,000 hours of multimedia, self-study content, with teacher-checkpoints to ensure the learning has been assimilated. It also includes virtual, teacher-led conversation classes and private lessons. An initial placement test ensures all learners start at the correct level for their needs. And a Corporate Reporting Centre makes it easy for HR teams to track learner progress against specific KPIs.

Study Abroad Programmes for Executives

The EF company-sponsored study abroad programs are specifically designed for executives who need to develop their language skills quickly, because their jobs depend on it. For fifty years since the founding of EF, study abroad programs have been structured around the best possible way to learn a language: immersion. Today, EF is the largest provider of travel abroad 'immersion' study programs worldwide.

About EF - Education First

In 1965, EF was founded by Bertil Hult who left his native Sweden to explore professional opportunities in London. After a short immersion in an English environment, he found himself speaking English fluently. Inspired by his own experience, Hult started EF - Education First on the premise of 'learning by doing' and revolutionizing the way we teach language. Today, the EF virtual learning environment is the most advanced cloud-based language learning experience worldwide. In addition to a powerful virtual learning system, EF operates 500 schools and offices in over 50 countries, with more than 40,000 employees, teachers and leaders.



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