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Student reviews for Curtin University Singapore

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Nguyen Huu Thanh Vy
I was running my own business in Vietnam before enrolling into this course as I was lacking business knowledge to promote and deliver the goods on a timely manner. The course at Curtin taught me a lot more details on how to run businesses and how to maximize profits. Curtin is a great place for me to fulfill my dream in order to continue my busi...
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Oeyvind Fosser
I get a true international experience while studying at Curtin Singapore and you'll probably learn 10 times more compared to studying in your home country. You will get contacts and friends all over Asia which feels special. I have now friends in India, Vietnam, China, Dubai, Maldives, Indonesia and Singapore.
Curtin Singapore provides a great foundation for future career development. The campus has a good study environment and has excellent facilities for students.
It was a great experience at Curtin Singapore and I’ve met a lot of different students in a diverse group. The learning experience gave me a lot of positivity and confidence. Thanks for Curtin and al my lecturers who helped me on this journey.
Throughout this early stage of my career, Curtin has prepared me to face the real world challenge by giving me practical assignments to be done individually and in team. As working in team is really important for my current job, I can communicate and work well with my team mates from different backgrounds. I also learned to listen, understand an...
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I’ve met many helpful lecturers and campus staff at Curtin Singapore. I’ve made a lot of self-improvement from the beginning till the end of my studies and I’ve gain a lot more experience. I really enjoyed my time at Curtin Singapore as my friends were all very friendly and helpful too.

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