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3,5 years (7 semesters)
Full time
Bachelor's degree

Program description

The economy in the era of globalization, the information revolution and the ever-present competition creates demand for managers who are able to create a modern, flexible and effective marketing strategies company. In particular, companies need professionals responsible for technology, market development and product quality and building the brand image of the product. Development for the company as the value of the product offered to the customer and satisfying their needs is the primary challenge of the market. There is therefore the need to train a new type of manager who will be able to manage the product, or put it on the market, sold through various distribution channels and create his image.

This course is in response to the growing demand for specialists in business practices responsible for the technology, market development and quality of the product and its brand image.In terms of learning a large emphasis is placed on issues of product innovation and adapt to the needs and expectations of the consumer, and thus have the basic determinants of competition. This course educates educates and prepares students for management (design) of product innovations with market needs and innovative solutions for the enterprise market behavior (use of marketing instruments and quality).

Graduate will actively, creatively and effectively operate in a market economy. With a multi-disciplinary knowledge, will hold the charge of the product (service) - from product design, through the entire life cycle, to its appropriate utilization after use or damaged. Graduate will independently make decisions related to the construction and strengthening of the competitiveness of the company. Studies on the specialty prepare for creating and verifying practical ideas for products to meet customer needs. A graduate of this specialization will be sought after and valuable expert in the creation of new needs of market participants and the completion of the product design, to obtain information about the phenomena and processes of the market, they need to make market decisions and product and brand management in the enterprise. Graduates find employment in various sectors of the economy, especially in the domestic trade companies and foreign branches and industrial design projects, the economy warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding companies, branches forming quality, logistics companies, research laboratories in industry and commerce, manufacturing companies marketing departments as well as in their own production and sales companies.

A graduate of this specialization becomes a respected and sought-after expert - product manager, brand manager - in terms of creating new needs of market participants and their realization through the development of products, the acquisition of information about the phenomena and processes they need to make market decisions and market product and brand management in the enterprise.

Admission requirements

For more information about this program, please contact the school directly.

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Tuition fees

All enrolled students for studies in English language at Bachelor level are liable to pay  tuition fees.

Full-time studies:

EU citizens: 2500 PLN/semester + 85 PLN registration fee,

Non-EU citizens: 2000 EUR/semester + 200 EUR registration fee

Part-time studies:

EU citizens: 3900 PLN/semester (first year) + 85 PLN register fee, 4200 PLN/semester (higher years);

Non-EU citizens: 2000 EUR/semester + 200 EUR registration fee

Continuing studies

After Bachelor programmes students can continue their studies on Master Programmes: MSc Corporate Finance and Accounting, MSc International Business or MSc International Finance and Accounting.

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