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Cracow University of Economics

Founded in 1925, it is the largest university of economics in Poland. Situated in Krakow, a leading academic center, it is proud of being ranked in the top schools of economics within the country.

It consists of four faculties: Economics and International Relations, Finance, Commodity Science and Management which are providing 17 courses and 53 majors. Besides the courses in Polish, University of Economics also offers courses in English. It prides itself on having organized Poland's first study programme in English intended for Polish and foreign students: 'Poland - Economy in Transition'.

Students interested in studying in English at Cracow University of Economics can choose from a number of alternatives such as short-term study opportunities or the full-degree programmes leading to Bachelor's or Master's degrees.

Specially designed programmes are provided for international students.  Cracow University of Economics prioritizes foreign internships and training programmes, and maintains various contacts worldwide by sending lecturers and students to partner institutions abroad for scientific purposes.

At the moment, 23,500 students study at Cracow University of Economics, and it becomes more popular as the number of applications of potential students increases every semester. The University has a cooperation with over 200 universities and educational institutions in Europe and globally.

In addition to teaching, the University’s main focus is on scientific and research activities. Scientific research is conducted by researchers and professors in the fields of economics, and technical, biological, and chemical sciences. The University has a membership in various international networks and is involved in international research projects, including the EU's 5th and 6th Framework Programmes.

Cracow University of Economics’s mission is: “To teach the causes and values of things,
to provide universal education and to bring together professional and methodological, and theoretical knowledge.”


Student services & facilities


The Office for Students with Disabilities (BON) organizes extra support for students - free psychological consultation in English and Russian. All English and Russian speaking students who are on exchange programmes or study full time at our University have the opportunity to benefit from consultation with a psychologist.


Train your favourite sport on the CUE campus!

CUE owns a sport complex of a huge sports hall, fitness rooms, gym, outdoor tennis court, swimming pool and sauna.

All sport facilities are available for students within regular physical education classes so as individual sport trainings.

Sports Bld.


The Cracow University of Economics campus is located in the centre of Krakow in the close neighborhood of the main railway station and bus station Kraków Główny.

The University owns 15 buildings where lectures and classes take place, including other facilities like: language centre, library, sport facilities, canteens and cafes, career centre and university clinic.


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