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Welcome to study abroad at Copenhagen Business School!

Copenhagen Business School is an international school, focused on developing strong links between contemporary research and the active business community. The atmosphere is intellectual, but always in a way that keeps business realities firmly in focus.

Copenhagen Business School has around 15,000 students and an annual intake of around 1,000 exchange students. With this number of students as well as around 400 full-time researchers and around 500 administrative employees, CBS is one of the three largest business schools in Northern Europe.

Copenhagen Business School Campus covers several modern buildings - Dalgas Have, Solbjerg Plads, Kilen and Porcelænshaven. The building in Dalgas Have is from 1988, and the building at Solbjerg Plads is from 2000. In both buildings you find class rooms, lecture halls and departments. In Porcelænshaven - the former Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory - you find the international study programmes and The International Office.

At Copenhagen Business School, academic specialisation is part of the degree programme from the very first day you are here. In three years, you will be part of an academic environment, which dedicated researchers, teachers and students have developed. Every environment has its own special business aim and its own way of integrating the different subjects.


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