Student reviews for Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

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I really enjoyed the material, presentations, and group activities. Overall, it helped strengthen and further develop my interest in the fashion industry. I really enjoyed it!


The BA Fashion Communication course was exactly the degree course I was looking to study. The fact it was so broad meant I would be exposed to all parts of the industry, allowing me to figure out which direction I wanted to take my career in.  And, of course, the Conde Nast association lured me in. Knowing we would be learning and hearing from t...

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The course really helped me refine my vision for my business. As I started my marketing research, I realised there were many areas of improvement for my business; I needed a concrete plan and marketing strategy. The classes definitely assisted me in figuring out the best way to go about it, thinking critically and coming up with a sustainable an...

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I really enjoyed having the guest speakers come in and also the visit to Vogue House. I found a lot of inspiration from Sophie Stevens and her field of work. I also liked that a previous student came in to discuss her work as a street style photographer. I really enjoyed the experience and it helped me see that there's a lot more to styling than...

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The Vogue Intensive Summer Programme provided an incredible insight into the fashion industry, with a thorough overview of subjects I am covering on the BA. I recognised that progressing onto the BA would allow me to combine both the academic stimulus of a varied and interesting fashion communication module list with unprecedented industry acces...

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Attending the Vogue Teen Weekend Course gave me insight into what the College truly has to offer. With strong connections to the industry and providing a unique educational experience, these were the pivotal factors that made me go on to apply for the BA programme.


I’ve been a student of Condè Nast back in 2014, on the Summer Intensive Course and that was a life changing experience for me. I decided to apply to the Creative Direction Online Course because I needed a solid base for the role I am covering on my job at this moment. I loved every task and challenge of this course, and the industry speakers wer...

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