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I really enjoyed talks from people in the fashion industry, because it gave me a better understanding of what a diverse range of jobs the fashion world encompasses.


All of the guest speakers were incredibly inspiring and motivating – it felt like a real privilege to hear from them.


The weekend was an incredible chance to hear from industry professionals and meet other students with similar interests and aspirations – it was amazing to see how accessible the fashion industry really is! I highly recommend the Teen Weekend to anyone interested in fashion or any creative career, as the talks are great to build up inspiration a...

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I learned from the Vogue Fashion Certificate to be open to anything and everything in the fashion industry. I walked in thinking my interests were just luxury fashion marketing and I’d gravitate towards those roles/tasks most, but at the end of the programme, I’d tried styling, trend forecasting, graphic designing, copywriting, PR event planning...

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My Condenast College experience was extraordinary. The fashion styling course taught me a lot of notions that I wasn’t aware of and after those five days I felt much more prepared to face future challenges. Every day was a new adventure, full of interesting, engaging and even fun news and activities. One of the nicest parts of the college was th...

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Coming to the Conde Nast College has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as it has taught me about who I am and the person I want to be when going out into industry. It has opened up so many opportunities for me and given me the tools to get the career I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve made some amazing friends here and have learnt to have the c...

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I've taken a short course on fashion journalism and it was totally life changing. I got to spend the most amazing week of my life, got a chance to visit Vogue house and meet with people who actually works there. In addition, we had guest industry speakers coming to college as well


The curriculum at CNC is as academically rigorous as it is industry-facing. People from different sectors of the business visit the college on a weekly basis, so that students are up to date on the most pressing matters within the field. As someone who didn’t study fashion before, I find these lectures to be an invaluable resource. Especially si...

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Vogue Fashion Certificate course has been such a great learning experience for me as well as all my classmates. What was interesting to know is that everyone joined this course for their unique reasons and yet they were all satisfied and confident to take the next step by the end of the course. I have left the Condé Nast College feeling inspired...

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It was a unique opportunity that allowed me to become immersed in the fashion media sphere. My favourite experience was getting career advice from Anna Wintour in her office in New York.


My time at the Condé Nast College has been invaluable, I feel I have found who I am here. I’ve grown as a person and most importantly, I’ve learned to have confidence in what I do. I’ve met some inspiring people and made connections that I will take forth as I step into the next chapter of my life.”


The opportunity to come up with a concept and take it to a shoot in a studio both for the classics and still life shoots was definitely a highlight.


Great opportunity to explore fashion in a more in depth and interesting way through the lens of industry professionals who are eager to share and encourage new talent.


I never expected Condé Nast would be so inspiring and motivating! My London trip couldn't be better! You guys motivated me so much that I am searching for internships here in London and looking forward to share more things with Condé Nast!


The Luxury Brand Management programme is the best thing I could have done to better my future – the partnership with Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design really opens up doors. We are taught valuable lessons and can take the knowledge with us into the luxury industry or on to other career paths!


As a member of Condé Nast College’s first ever cohort of masters students, I feel exceptionally proud of myself in my accomplishments this last year. The vibrancy of the course, from its expeditious pace, critique and guidance has allowed me to graduate from the college with a portfolio of work that represents my personality with astute theoreti...

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My time at Condé Nast College has flown by. The fashion industry felt miles away a year ago but Condé Nast College helps bring you so much closer in a real, tangible way. I have explored much more than just my love of fashion, I have developed many new skills and met inspiring people which I hope to stay connected with as I take the next step bi...

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The lecturers are extremely knowledgeable, along with being motivating and inspiring. This programme is not just academic in nature – it offers hands-on experience of working in the luxury industry. I found an internship with a great agency, Eco-Age that helps companies with their marketing and sustainable strategies. And the partnership with Co...

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Absolutely loved the course, especially because it was real and practical instead of embellishing the industry too much! I really liked the ethics and sustainability classes! Gemma Patterson and Hannah Shakir’s classes were my favourite. Martia and kojo from the front desk were lovely and helpful.


I loved how we got to hear from people who actually were/are in the industry, and how the staff always motivated me to follow my dreams and make my goals become reality. Overall my experience in Condé Nast College was amazing!


The Vogue Fashion Certificate course rounded up my education in the most invaluable way. The fast paced, intensely exhilarating, atmosphere and mentors made this course live up to its expectations of prestige and honour of Conde Nast the brand.


Studying at the Condé Nast College has been an unforgettable experience that I am so grateful for. It is the first time in my education that I have really enjoyed and felt passionately about what I am working on. The College has enabled me to discover and embrace the creativity I never thought I had which has opened up so many more doors. It has...

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The opportunity to have talks from specialists within the industry was truly enlightening. It certainly made me realise that I have chosen the right industry to pursue in the future and made me excited for what is to come! The visit to Vogue House was amazing and a moment I will never forget.


I love how the College involves students in the fashion business - from industry speakers, Condé Nast trips, fashion shows to internships. It has opened many doors to the industry for me with exciting career opportunities. To follow Juliana's career visit her Fashion Blog here.


Pursuing my education journey abroad at the Condé Nast College is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I’ve met some amazing people and friends at the College. I have grown so much as a person over these last two years and am so grateful to be able to add this experience to the CV of my life.”


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