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28 August 2023
Chalmers University of Technology

About this program

Computer Systems and Networks, MSc

You will gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies and research in algorithm design, programming languages, and computer systems engineering, as well as theoretical knowledge and engineering skills in cyber security, computer systems engineering, dependable real-time systems, and distributed computing and systems.

You will be taught courses by internationally recognised computer science and engineering faculty, in subjects including computer networks, parallel and distributed systems, computer architecture, cyber security, and real-time systems. In addition to academic training in skills related to algorithm design, programming languages, and computer systems engineering, you will gain real experience with emerging technologies, and have opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research.

This master's programme is the first at Chalmers University of Technology to provide the necessary preparation to contribute to rapidly growing new areas in the ICT industry, such as ubiquitous computing and cyber-physical systems. If you are interested in taking your expertise in these and other areas further, the programme will also give you an excellent background for pursuing doctoral studies.

During the programme, you will learn to design methodologies used to construct computer systems and networks — fault-tolerant distributed algorithm design, concurrent programming, computer systems engineering, and secure and dependable systems design, for example.

Admission requirements

To fulfil the general entry requirement for a Master's programme at Chalmers (at advanced level/the second cycle), the prospective student must hold a degree that is equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor degree (minimum 3years, 180 Swedish higher education credits) in either Science, Engineering, Technology or Architecture.

  • All applicants must document their formal academic qualifications to prove their eligibility. Only documentation from internationally recognized universities will be approved by the Swedish Council for Higher Education which manages the website
  • If an applicant is also holder of a second degree such as a Master's degree, that may be as to fulfil specific (course) requirements, it cannot be used to fullfill the general entry requirement on it's own.

English language requirement

The requirement is English proficiency equivalent to or above the Swedish upper secondary school English course 6. You can meet the requirement by achieving the required score on an internationally recognised English test. Completed upper secondary education or previous university studies in some countries can also fulfil the requirement.

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Program content

Compulsory courses year 1

During the first semester, the programme starts with three compulsory courses that form a common foundation in Computer systems and networks. Each course is usually 7.5 credits.

  • Computer networks

How does the internet work? How are new computer networks designed? How do we ensure that our networks function correctly and efficiently? And how do we program applications that communicate with each other? This course teaches the basics of network design and implementation, covering topics from core protocols like TCP/IP to emerging network technologies. The course also emphasizes the fundamental algorithms underlying computer networks.

  • Operating systems

How do applications actually run on a computer system? How do multiple applications run at the same time? Operating Systems are an integral part of all computer systems, from workstations to smartphones to embedded systems in vehicles. This course provides an introduction to OS design and implementation. Students who have taken a similar course during their bachelor studies may choose an elective course instead

  • Distributed systems

Why are computing systems becoming increasingly distributed? How can we build reliable and fault-tolerant distributed systems? Why does the Internet scale to billions of users? How are modern distributed systems such as the cloud, the smart grid, or connected cars built? These are a few questions addressed in this course. The goal is to understand the design of distributed systems and discuss the underlying principles and mechanisms that drive today's distributed systems.

Compulsory courses year 2 In the second year, you must complete a master's thesis in order to graduate. The thesis may be worth 30 credits or 60 credits depending on your choice. In addition to the thesis there is also a course in technical writing.

  • Technical writing in computer systems and network

How can you prepare yourself to write a master thesis? What exciting topics in the field of Computer systems and networks could you work on? How can we learn from the professional literature about these topics? This course covers a broad range of skills that are needed for planning and carrying out a thesis project in the area of Computer systems and networks.

  • Master's thesis

Students may perform their thesis work in an industrial context or within a research group at Chalmers. Students who want to write a research-oriented thesis may apply for an additional 15 credit research project or extend their research thesis work to 60 credit units.

Scholarships & funding

Scholarships are a great source of funding for Master's students who are liable to pay tuition fees. Some of these are administrated by Chalmers and others by external institutions. Additional scholarships may be appended to the list and applicants are therefore encouraged to check this webpage regularly.

Please visit the university website for more information.


Tuition fee: 160 000 SEK/academic year

*EU/EEA Citizens are not required to pay fees


Credits: 120

Career paths

The master's programme has been carefully designed to be relevant to a growing industrial and governmental ICT sector. In particular, the healthcare, e-commerce, aerospace, automotive, and telecom industries all rely on secure, dependable, safe, and energy-efficient computing systems and communication networks. The master's programme gives you the opportunity to combine academic training with engineering work experience, a combination that opens up diverse career paths, such as becoming:

  • the Chief Technology Officer who takes responsibility for the company's technological development plan and influences its competitiveness in the market
  • the Systems Architect and Designer who builds computer systems and designs networked applications and protocols
  • the Project Manager responsible for driving specific projects by choosing technical directions and leading people
  • the Software Engineer who develops systems and run-time software that interfaces to the hardware platform
  • the Security and Network Specialist who oversees company computer resources to ensure that sensitive data and services are only accessible to authorized users.

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