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Welcome to CDI College

CDI collegeCDI collegeCDI collegeCDICDI College is one of Canada's premiere career-training providers and has been helping students build their careers for over 40 years. The College provides educational programs in several locations over 4 provinces across Canada.

All programs offered by CDI College are designed to reflect the requirements of the employers in your chosen career field. Throughout your studies, you will work in ways that will mirror what you will find in the workplace. When you complete your program you will be fully prepared to embark upon your career.

CDI Colleges support team at the campus is dedicated to helping you every step of the way. The college is there for one reason – your success!! From the admission process right through to your employment support after graduation, the career-training College strives to provide students with a meaningful educational experience. It is this dedication that gives their graduates the competitive edge in the workplace.

There are three departments within CDI College:

CDI School of Business

The CDI School of Business has a long history of preparing qualified business professionals. Students can train in a wide variety of career options including business administration, office management, human resources, accounting assistance and marketing. The curriculum reflects the needs of the business community and provides the skills that will advance your career.

CDI School of Health Care

Not only is health care one of the most rewarding career paths but it’s also one of the most in demand! The current challenge of caring for an aging population has created an urgent need for trained health care workers. CDI School of Healthcare offers a range of different educational programs in dentistry, pharmacy, child care, and therapy and rehabilitation.

The College combines industry-approved curriculum, one-on-one instruction, and job placement assistance to prepare students for success. CDI's programs are respected and recognized within the health care industry. After graduation, you may find jobs in a variety of different settings and related fields including hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies and home support work.

CDI School of Technology

The School of Technology provides a variety of study courses for students to obtain a diploma or certificate in a variety of technology driven programs including web design, network and database, computer business applications, Internet security, and computer programming.

CDI College is acutely aware that employers want graduates that are knowledgeable about their field and possess suitable skill sets. Therefore, CDI maintains close ties with the business, technology and health care industries; so students receive focused and specialized training on the software, tools and equipment used in their chosen career field.

After graduation, you may successfully compete for positions such as Computer Technicians, Web Designers, Technical Support Specialists and Help-Desk Troubleshooters.

Locations of CDI College

CDI College offers a variety of courses from all three departments within several different campus locations throughout British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba.


Diploma / certificate
Business Delivery method Length Location
Oil & Gas Administration On campus 40 weeks Multiple (7)
Property and Casualty Insurance On campus 33 weeks Multiple (5)
Business Administration
Business Administration On campus 37 weeks Multiple (11)
Business Administration Management On campus 40 weeks Multiple (7)
Office Assistant On campus 25 weeks Multiple (7)
Accounting & Payroll Administrator On campus Multiple (13)
Accounting and Payroll Administration On campus Multiple (7)
Computer Business Applications Specialist - Accounting On campus 32 weeks Multiple (3)
Financial Management - LEA.AC On campus Multiple (5)
Computer Science & IT
Information Technology
3D Modeling Animation Art & Design On campus Multiple (2)
Computer Business Applications Specialist On campus 21 weeks Multiple (10)
Help Desk Analyst On campus 22 weeks Winnipeg
Microsoft Office Suite Specialist On campus 22 weeks Edmonton South
Network & Database Management On campus Multiple (7)
Network & Internet Security Specialist On campus 56 weeks Winnipeg
Network Systems Administrator On campus Multiple (17)
Programmer Analyst/ISD On campus Winnipeg
Health & Well-Being
Advanced Massage Therapy On campus 0 weeks Multiple (2)
Health Care Aide On campus 29 weeks Winnipeg
Massage Therapy On campus 44 weeks Multiple (3)
Personal Support Worker On campus 24 weeks Multiple (6)
Dental Assisting On campus 60 weeks Multiple (2)
Dental Receptionist Coordinator On campus 28 weeks Multiple (2)
Intra Oral Dental Assistant On campus 44 weeks Winnipeg
Medical Laboratory Assistant Program On campus 37 weeks Burnaby
Medical Office Assistant On campus 33 weeks Multiple (8)
Practical Nursing On campus 75 weeks Multiple (3)
Rehabilitation Assistant On campus 73 weeks Toronto
Pharmacy Technician On campus Multiple (3)
Social Work
Addictions & Community Services Worker On campus 0 weeks Multiple (13)
Humanities & Culture
Law Enforcement Foundations On campus 50 weeks Surrey (England)
Paralegal - JCA.1F On campus Multiple (5)
Legal Administrative Assistant On campus 36 weeks Multiple (10)
Paralegal On campus 65 weeks Multiple (7)
Professional Legal Assistant On campus Multiple (7)
Teaching & Education
Advanced Early Childhood Education On campus 31 weeks Multiple (2)
Early Childhood Education – JEE.13 On campus 48 weeks Multiple (5)
Tourism & Hospitality
Travel & Tourism On campus Multiple (6)
Event Management
Event Coordinator & Management On campus 33 weeks Multiple (2)

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i studied in business admin at cdi and now work for a huge corporation in canada. I thought the teachers were very helpful although my studies. i would recommend that school to anyone
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