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Masters of Arts in Creative Production (Music)

Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH

About this program

Masters of Arts in Creative Production (Music)

This ​Masters of Arts course is an intensive and challenging one year (or two years part-time) practice-led research degree and opportunity to explore and expand your capabilities as an artistic practitioner and researcher. Within the framework of your own creative musical ideas or artistic concepts, stretch your audio and music creative skillset, innovate and develop new ideas as you continue build yourself a powerful creative industry profile.

This is your chance to thrive. This hyper flexible Creative Production MA masters degree is an opportunity to forge everything you are into everything you want to become. Through a constant cycle of creating, critiquing, self discovery and growth, you will design and develop your own practice based research program supported by a team of industry experienced facilitators.

Every Masters program depends on each person’s own areas of interest and questions. Music production, recording, composition, programming, performance, sound design, improvisation, instrument design, sound art, field recording, artistic research, critical theory, new media or an innovative interdisciplinary form including some or all of the above.

Your own imagination is the only limit. And the project will be one that only you can complete. It's time to own and rediscover your vision as a music producer, a sound engineer, a performer, a practicing electronic artist, a musician, a composer, a sonic artist, an explorer of life and a unique human being.

Program content

  • Curation of creative musical ideas or artistic concepts
  • Innovative research methods and techniques
  • Critical and creative idea formation, development and refinement
  • Advanced planning and project management
  • Creative risk taking techniques


Tuition fees: 975 per month


About this institute

Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology 

Catalyst (formerly known as dBs Berlin) is a creative arts and technology learning institute based at the extraordinary Funkhaus in Berlin. Their courses span electronic music production and performance, audio and music production, sound engineering, film production, filmmaking, visual effects,...

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Why study at Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH

At Catalyst, we’re constantly on the hunt to provide you with unique experiences within Berlin’s creative community. Running through the heart of all our programmes is the fostering of creative practitioners. That means supporting the development of your creative passions whilst focussing and positioning your professional trajectory.

Alongside your development, as a creative practitioner, we see it as important to support your development as a creative entrepreneur and to connect you with your peers and the wider industry.

Our student experience team provides you with an ever-changing list of extracurricular networking opportunities such as professional and self-development workshops, festival and event collaborations, running your own show on our student-run radio and plenty more.

Volunteering for events is another opportunity for growth. In the past, we’ve arranged for our students to volunteer at Lollapalooza Festival, Berlin Festival, Mira Festival, Ableton Loop, Music Tech Fest, Sacred Ground Festival, Torstraßenfestival, Ry X concert at the Funkhaus and Konzerthaus, Cine-East Film Festival, Superbooth, and CTM.


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The teachers were willing to help and spend time with us until we understood everything fully, they were genuinely empathetic and that's great..everything is made readily for students to obtain; It's a music school at the end of the day so it's up to the student to express their passion and work hard.
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Based on 1 reviews.