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History/Spanish (4 years)

Cardiff University
4 years
Full time
Bachelor's degree
Scholarships available
September 2021

Program description

History/Spanish (4 years)

The School of Modern Languages and the School of History, Archaeology and Religion aim to develop and educate its students to become ‘global citizens’. By combining Spanish and History, you will gain a variety of transferable skills and knowledge beneficial to the world of employment and further study, making you competitive and attractive in an increasingly global workforce and opening the doors to a variety of career paths.

Our History programs give you an insight into processes of change from the ancient world through to the modern period. You may study the history of societies in diverse parts of the globe, including India, China, Spain, Russia, Britain and Wales.

You will learn to think independently, assess the strengths and weaknesses of a body of historical evidence for yourself, and present your findings clearly. Our friendly academic staff will be on hand to guide you and provide full and constructive feedback throughout your studies.

Spain is a major actor on the European and world stage, possessing a rich and sophisticated culture. Spanish is one of the official working languages of the European community and still a global language of culture and diplomacy.

In addition to developing high-level Spanish language skills, you will gain an in-depth intercultural understanding that encompasses a specific knowledge of Spanish culture. You will develop high-level communication and critical-thinking skills, and foster resilience and independence through time spent in immersive foreign language contexts.

We offer Spanish for both advanced students and beginners. In your first year, in addition to your language tuition, an introduction to Spanish history and culture seeks to provide a solid foundation for more specialised studies as you progress through your course.

Your understanding of the language will be further developed and refined during your year abroad, when you will experience life in a Spanish-speaking country at first hand.

In the final year, you have the opportunity to write a dissertation, which stimulates initiative and can serve as a useful preparation for postgraduate study.

It is important to remember that studying languages is not just about the language itself, it involves exploring many aspects of a country, and we aspire to offer a genuinely broad course that offers challenging and stimulating modules.

As a joint honours student, you will find that often there are complementary issues and perspectives that link subjects, be they critical analysis, historical contexts or recent research. On completion of this four-year program, you will have a high level of language proficiency, as well as a critical understanding of key aspects of Spain history, culture, literature, politics and contemporary society.

Distinctive features

  • Research led teaching that allows you to engage with new ideas that are shaping the future of History and Hispanic studies.
  • High-quality language teaching delivered by native speakers.
  • A vibrant program of extra-curricular activities to support your language learning and immersion into Spanish culture.
  • A curriculum with a clear learning arc, drawing on the latest research and providing a thorough understanding of Spanish culture
  • A structured skills program which embeds academic, transferable and employability skills into learning from the very beginning
  • The option of taking a credit-bearing work placement
  • The opportunity to spend your third year either studying or working in a country that predominantly operates in Spanish.
  • An exciting range of opportunities beyond your formal studies to engage with local schools and communities in promoting language learning and develop your own skills and profile.

The modules shown are an example of the typical curriculum and will be reviewed prior to the 2020/21 academic year. The final modules will be published by September.

Admission requirements

Typical A level offer

ABB-BBB Please note Critical Thinking and General Studies will not be accepted.

Extended Project Qualification: Applicants with grade A in the EPQ will typically receive an offer one grade lower than the standard A level offer. Please note that any subject specific requirements must still be met.

For more information about admission requirements, please visit the university website

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Program content

  • History in Practice Part 1: Questions, Frameworks and Audiences.
  • Understanding Hispanidad in a Global Context
  • Advanced Spanish Language Year 1
  • Beginners Spanish Language Year 1
  • A World Full of Gods
  • Projecting the Past: Film, Media and Heritage
  • The Making of The Modern World, 1750-1970
  • Making Global Histories: Asia and the West
  • Inventing a Nation: Politics, Culture and Heritage
  • Medieval Worlds, AD 500 -1500
  • Renaissance, Reformation and Revolution
  • Reading Latin1
  • Reading Latin 2
  • Reading Greek 1
  • Reading Greek 2
  • Cultures in Context (Spanish)
  • Ex-Advanced Language Year 2 Spanish
  • Ex-Beginners Language Year 2 Spanish
  • Now and Next: From Academia to Employment (30 Credits)
  • Approaches to History
  • Exploring Historical Debate
  • Entangled Histories: Wales and the wider World,1714-1858
  • Hanes wedi ei Gyd-Weu: Cymru a’r Byd, 1714–1858
  • War, Peace and Diplomacy, c.900-c.1250
  • Heresy and Dissent, 1000-1450
  • Poverty and Relief in Medieval Europe
  • Reformation and Revolution: Stuart Britain, 1603-1714
  • A Great Leap Forward China Transformed, 1840-present
  • Europe between the two World Wars
  • The American Revolution
  • From King Coal to Cool Cymru: Society and Culture in Wales, 1939-2000
  • Radicalism and the Common People, 1789-1880
  • Urban Visions, Rural Dreams: City and Country in Britain and the United States, 1850-2000
  • India and The Raj, 1857-1947
  • Martyrs and Collaborators: Catholicism behind the Iron Curtain
  • Europe, East and West, 1945-1995
  • Making Empires: Britain and the World, 1541-1714
  • Intercalary Semester Abroad: Study Abroad (Spanish, Spring)
  • Intercalary Semester Abroad: Work Placement (Spanish, Spring)
  • Intercalary Semester Abroad: Work Placement
  • Intercalary Semester Abroad: Study Abroad
  • Sandwich Year Project (Autumn Semester)
  • Sandwich Year Project (Spring Semester)
  • High-Level Proficiency in Spanish Language
  • Dissertation
  • The World of the Anglo-Saxons, c.500-c.1087
  • Sexuality and the Social Order in Medieval Europe
  • The Military Orders, 1100-1320
  • Kingship: Image and Power, c.1000-1399
  • Deviants, Rebels and Witches in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
  • From Bismarck to Goebbels: Biography and Modern German History, 1870-1945
  • Germany's New Order in Europe, 1933-1945
  • Conflict, Coercion and Mass Mobilisation in Republican China 1911-1945
  • Fascism and Anti-Fascism in France
  • Race, Sex and Empire: Britain and India, 1765-1929
  • Wales, the English reform movement and the French Revolution of 1789
  • Glimpses of the Unfamiliar: Travellers to Japan from 1860 to the Post-War Era
  • Socialism, Society and Politics in Britain, 1880-1918
  • Remembering the Holocaust in Germany: Coming to Terms with the Past?
  • Class, Protest and Politics: South Wales, 1918-39
  • Health and Medicine in Early Modern Britain
  • Violence and Ideology in Inter-War Soviet Russia
  • Czechoslovakia: The View from Central Europe
  • From Hernando de Soto to the Seven Years' War: Accommodation, Violence and Networks in Native American History
  • The Dangerous City? Urban Society and Culture, 1800-1914
  • The Arts in War and Peace: Culture and Politics in Britain, c.1930-1960
  • Crime & Punishment in Contemporary Latin American Culture
  • Final Year Dissertation - Spanish (in Spanish)
  • Final Year Dissertation - Spanish (in English/Welsh)
  • Catalan Language & Society
  • Hispanic Cultures at the Margins
  • Culture, Political Protest & Dissent in the 1960s
  • European Cinema: Thinking the Real of Fiction
  • Student Teaching Module
  • The War Against the Jews: Antisemitism, the Holocaust, and Jewish Experience

Scholarships & funding

For more information about scholarships, please visit the university website.


What skills will I practise and develop?

Knowledge & Understanding

On successful completion of the program you will be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to speak, write, and understand one or more foreign languages to a high level of competency.
  • An in-depth intercultural understanding including specific knowledge of other cultures, allied to the ability to navigate and mediate between more than one culture.
  • The ability to explain and apply concepts such as periodisation, national history and comparative approaches.
  • The ability to draw conclusions about historical practice from the use of case studies relating to particular areas of historical debate.
  • The ability to make connections between a range of different primary source materials, and historiographical debated and theoretical concepts.

Intellectual Skills

On successful completion of the program you will be able to demonstrate:

  • Enhanced linguistic skills, as well as a broad appreciation of the culture, literature, and history of Spain and Spanish speaking countries.
  • The ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively in writing and speech, in English and Spanish.
  • The ability to identify and interpret a variety of primary sources.
  • The ability to effectively formulate and present analysis and arguments clearly and concisely in both written and oral form.
  • The ability to identify strengths, weaknesses and problems, or identify alternative historical or historiographical interpretations of key themes.
  • The ability to apply a range of techniques to initiate and undertake analysis of information.
  • The ability to think critically and challenge assumptions.
  • The ability to formulate and justify arguments and conclusions and present appropriate supporting evidence.

Professional Practical Skills

On successful completion of the program you will be able to demonstrate:

  • Using a range of IT programs and digital media, where appropriate.
  • Resilience and independence through time spent in immersive foreign language contexts.
  • The ability to identify strengths, weaknesses, problems, and or peculiarities of alternative historical/historiographical interpretations.
  • The ability to distinguish between popular and professional histories.
  • The ability to explain historical processes.
  • Historical analysis skills.
  • Knowledge of the broad themes and developments considered in the course through a case study of an event.
  • Time management skills and an ability to independently organise study methods and workload.
  • Communication and critical-thinking skills.
  • Skills when working as part of a team, developing a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Transferable/Key Skills

On successful completion of the program you will be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to grasp complex issues with confidence.
  • The ability to analyse complex texts.
  • The ability to interpret and apply relevant data.
  • Practical research skills.
  • Imaginative solutions of your own that are rooted in evidence.
  • Learning from constructive criticism and incorporate its insights.
  • Taking responsibility for your own learning program and professional development.
  • Critical skills (reasoning, evaluating evidence, problem-solving, relating theory to practice).
  • Creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Leadership, teamwork and self-management skills.
  • The ability to identify, record and communicate your relevant career attainments.

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