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Learn French at the most prestigious language school

studentsprofessorFor over a century, Alliance Française has been the leading cultural network, dedicated to spreading the French language and Francophone culture to people from around the world.

A recognized training body and non-profit organization, Alliance Française has 850 establishments in 136 countries on all five continents that serve half a million people, of all ages, with French classes and more than six million people attending their cultural activities, every year.

As the leading center for teaching French as a foreign language (FLE), in France,  Alliance Française concentrates on the important tasks of: offering French classes, for people in France and abroad; spreading the awareness of French and Francophone culture; and promoting cultural diversity.

To enhance the learning experience, Alliance Française offers students fifteen free activities per month and a “culture pass” to enjoy discounts and benefits from cultural partners in Paris.

Alliance Française offers general French lessons, workshops in oral or written French, with a cultural or professional focus, corporate classes and personalized packages at all levels throughout the year.

FLE Quality LabelFLE Quality Label

The Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France has been awarded the FLE Quality Label, achieving top marks for each of the criteria studied (welcoming students, quality of teaching and classes offered, premises and school management).


Language course
French Delivery method Length Location
DELF Preparation Course On campus Paris
Entering a French University On campus Paris
Extensive General French Business On campus Paris
Extensive Package On campus Paris
General French Classes On campus Paris
General French Courses - Evening On campus Paris
General French Courses - Extensive On campus Paris
General French Courses - Intensive On campus Paris
Intensive Package On campus Paris
Tailor-made Private French Courses On campus Paris

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