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Student reviews for Algebra University

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Danijel Studen   |   10/15/2018
The study was full of “current” and actual themes, indeed, almost everything that was done, taught and practiced were things that are immediately applicable in the real world as a knowledge.
Šime Zagorac   |   10/15/2018
Most of the knowledge gained at the Algebra University College could be used directly in practice and studying with work proved to be an ideal solution. In short, I recommend theUniversity College Algebra to all the people who are looking for quality education. The technological knowledge, I have gained during my studies, is still useful today, ...
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After completing the undergraduate study I didn’t want to quit half way. But the main reason to continue onto the graduate study was the study programme. The knowledge I acquired at the graduate study significantly helped me advance professionally and achieve a change on my business plan which led me to my current position.
Matija Komorčec   |   2/7/2018
All the subjects I had at Algebra University College were a very good foundation for further professional and professional development.
Domagoj Krpan   |   2/7/2018
The technological knowledge, I have gained during my studies, is still useful today, no matter how technology changes and develops rapidly, some programming and thinking basics are the same and transferable between technology and language.
Ivan Vučak   |   8/15/2017
Our small class size ensures that you constantly reflect on your experiences while receiving personalized, constructive feedback and sharpening leadership skills along the way.
Dominik Antolković   |   3/10/2017
The knowledge gained during the study itself has been of great help to me. Even when it is not a question of directly applicable knowledge, during my studies I gained an understanding of some of the computer science segments without which today I would be a much weaker team member.
Antonia Šakić   |   3/10/2017
Perhaps the best thing about the Algebra University College is that lectures are given by teachers who do not just read from the book, they are already experienced with active campaigns and real clients.
VEDRAN MANDIĆ   |   3/10/2017
The study was what helped me successfully pass my first major job interview. It lasted two hours, and the employer thoroughly examined my knowledge on web applications and the MSFT .NET framework that I learned about during the study. This was all possible because of the expertise and openness of Algebra’s lecturers throughout the study. A well ...
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Damir Prusac   |   11/20/2016
The program that, in addition to the classic MBA, incorporates digital transformation is the foundation of modern leadership and understanding of the impact of modern technology on business today and in the future.
Ana Zrno   |   11/20/2016
I have chosen Algebra's new e-Leadership MBA program because of the 'e' in the name of the program. Digital transformation is well under way and inevitable. We need new generations of leaders for whom the digital world is a natural environment where they grow and flourish.
IVAN SPAJIĆ BUTURAC   |   11/20/2016
We are entering a new era where new business models will cause major changes and completely disrupt the global market. The e-Leadership MBA program helped me develop the management skills necessary to adapt to this new world.

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