Where should you study abroad? Asia

Where should you study abroad? Asia!Where should you study abroad? Asia!

Based on your responses, your ideal study abroad location is Asia! Studying abroad in Asia is appealing to those with a strong work ethic, an interest in exploring new cultures, and a passion for technology. Students choosing to study abroad in Asia are usually quite business savvy and eager to learn the customs and best practices surrounding Asia’s influential business and technology sectors.

Because Asia is a continent with several strong cultural identites, we've noted some of the different experiences available from studying abroad in an Asian country. Educations.com has also created a series of Asian study guides so that prospective students can gain an insight into the exciting possibilities of studying abroad in Asia.

Study Abroad in Japan

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. It's an ideal place to study abroad both for those who are pursuing a career in technology and for those solely interested in technology for personal use. Japan is additionally known for its success in business, and would be ideal for any student interested in studying International Relations, Finance, or Management. Students interested in learning new languages and cultures will also be quite interested in studying in Japan, as most programs offer some sort of Japanese-language course. 

There are over 127 million people in Japan, making it one of the largest populations in the world. For those students interested in big cities, Japan is the right choice! Japan consists of four major islands and over 6,000 smaller islands, making it the ideal study abroad location for those who enjoy beaches and a temperate climate. 

Study Abroad in China

China attracts hard workers, creative minds, and extremely intelligent students. The country itself is constantly under development and working towards a well educated society and workforce. An important step taken by China has been their investment in their educational system. Chinese universities consistently rank as some of the top in the world. These high standards are attracting international students from every corner of the world. Chinese universities additionally provide many programs in English, making it a hub for international students.

Students choosing to study abroad in China will gain an experience unlike any other, and one they are not likely to forget. International students in China do not restrict their learning to the classroom; They are immersed in new cultural and technological experiences each day. As such, the learning never ceases!

Study Abroad in India

India has the second largest population in the world and a booming economy. As such, it is no surprise that the Indian higher education system has invested a lot of time and resources into making their universities some of the best in the world, training their students and international studies in a wide range of subjects. Students from across the globe head to India to immerse themselves in a new culute and receieve a first-class education.

India is presently known as one of the world's largest communication hubs and has become increasingly popular with international students. It is highly sought after due to the country's reputation for innovation, its large multinational companies, and English as the common language of communication.

Study Abroad in Israel

Israel is a young country with a very vivid culture and an ever present history of great interest to scholars worldwide. In addition Israel has one of the most highly regarded higher education systems worldwide with universities within the top 200 ranking universities today. Because of the high standard of education in Israel, it can be hard to claim a spot to study abroad here. The competition is high, and as such, the students selected to study abroad in Israel cherish their time and education on an even greater level.

Israel is known across the world for it's deep historical roots, immesne natural beauty, and diverse scenery. Students studying abroad in Israel are sure to leave with a completely different vantage point and a slew of adventures that others could only dream of. If you're up for something out of the ordinary and a place that will push your boundaries, both culturally and academically, Israel is the place for you.

Study Abroad in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is the perfect destination for students seeking a unique study abroad experience. Azerbaijan is quite interesting, as it is full of ancient history, yet home to a rapidly growing cities equipped with impressive architecture and dramatic skylines. Students in Azerbaijan can spend their weekends visiting mud volcanoes, rural villages, the Great Caucasus mountains, and lush orchards.

International students feel welcome at universities in Azerbaijan as English is the common language of most programs. There are various levels of education in Azerbaijan, allowing students pursuing various degrees to study abroad. It is also an ideal country to learn a new language and surround yourself with new experiences.

Last update: 16 Jan 2017


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