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Study Abroad Ambassador: Delia from Kazakhstan

Hi everyone! I am Delia from Kazakhstan, and I am an ambassador on Instagram

I’m currently studying my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, in the United States, both at Arizona State University and Maricopa Community College.

About me

I am academically experienced in many fields, such as Psychology, Economics, Maths, Marketing, Linguistics, Global History, Music, and Fashion. Previously, I graduated from my high school with the ‘Golden Medal’ (Altyn Belgi, a national award presented to only a few top students in Kazakhstan) and a GPA of 3.9 at an American school. 

I am also a social person, and I am encouraged to endlessly improve myself as well as do my best to help others.

My favorite phrase

The Nike slogan of "Just do it" and the quote, "Never compare yourself to others, but to your previous self. In that way, you are fated to succeed.” have helped me get to the place I am standing at right now.

These are the attitudes I have always had throughout my life, and its effects are indeed infinite. 

Why I chose The United States

The United States is a great country to study in. I really like that you get not only a high quality education but also tons of unbelievably essential connections and experience.

I strongly recommend that you study in the United States if you want to have many meaningful relationships, go on awesome trips, enjoy a colorful student life, and get a world-class study experience.

My personal account

Let's get connected on Instagram or LinkedIn too. :)

Interested in seeing more of Delia’s study abroad stories in the United States?

The Study Abroad Ambassador program is a 6-month ambassadorship program where our student ambassadors will share their study abroad experiences.

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Last update: 19 Mar 2022

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