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International Higher Education Report: Student Trends 2019

Download our 2019 student trends report

If you work in international student recruitment, don't miss your free copy of's International Higher Education Report: Student Trends 2019!

Get insight into emerging trends in your target markets through a robust student survey completed by over 30,000 prospective and current students representing 192 nationalities.

What's included?

  • Targeted regional breakdowns of prospective student trends including Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Western Europe
  • How different regions convert on portals - a detailed breakdown of the way different students prefer to reach out
  • Trends in Bachelor's and Master's students from around the world - interest areas, concerns, top influences, where they would like to study abroad, and more
  • Communication expectations - a look at students' expectations surrounding the speed and quality of university responses

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Last update: 13 Dec 2019

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