How to Use Forums

1. Open the forum and begin by clicking “Write a new post”


2. Create a new post under your university.

Enter your school in the “Institutes” field and select your university from the drop down list. You may then enter the “Title” of what you’d like the forum thread to be called. You may choose the topic or subject which is most relevant to your university. Then choose a “Signature” for the student ambassador for your university. Follow this by entering the email address which you would like all forum responses to your thread to be sent to.

You’ll complete the post by writing a comment which introduces your ambassador in a friendly and welcoming way to student. Click “Submit post” to make your student ambassador live on the forum.


It’s that easy! You’ll be ready to start engaging students with your very own student ambassador on in less than 5 minutes. 

Start a thread in the forum today!

Last update: 22 Nov 2016