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What is software engineering?

Computer and software engineering involves the application of theories and principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to create, test, maintain, and evaluate various software applications and systems that make computers work properly. Computer and software engineers analyze the user’s needs, and then design, test, and develop the necessary software using mathematics, computer science, and engineering. This process requires intensive research and development.

By nature, the computer/ software engineering industry is constantly evolving as a reflection of the new technological advances being developed and applied to a growing number of applications. It's no surprise that it is one of the fatest growing industries. In the United States alone, the industry is expected to experience a 24% growth, which is well above the national average. But, it's not only in the US. Switzerland, Canada, and Australia are considered the top three countries to work as a software engineer. Therefore, studying software engineering abroad is the perfect choice for students interested in an overseas xperience.

In addition, the technological preferences and practices of employers continuously require new specializations. Computer/ software engineers can develop software programs for just one person, or for multiple people to use separately. So, do you think you have what it takes? Read on to learn more about studying software engineering and find a program that suits you best!


Education Courses in ­Computer­/ Software Engineering

Computer/ software engineering education courses vary by school, but often provide students the opportunity to major in computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or engineering. Students often earn a bachelors degree, and sometimes a masters degree as well. For computer programming, it is more common to only need a 2-year diploma.

There are a variety of study options available worldwide within ­Computer­/ Software Engineering:

Diploma in ­Computer­/ Software Engineering

Bachelor degree in ­Computer­/ Software Engineering

Master’s degree in ­Computer­/ Software Engineering

Careers in ­Computer­/ Software Engineering

In today’s exploding computer and IT industry, computer and software engineers are constantly in demand to develop new designs and computer software programs which can be applied to advanced technology. Growth areas include mobile technology, increased use of the internet, escalation in the number of websites, and concern for safety and security. There are also a rising number of complex electronic data processing systems being used by the government, healthcare, business, and telecommunications.

As business’ computer systems become more and more complicated, there is a greater need for computer and software engineers who can help manage, upgrade, and customize these systems. It is crucial for computer and software engineers to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advances through continuing education and professional development seminars offered by employers, private training institutions, and software vendors.

Here are some average stats about software engineering jobs in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Typical entry-level education

Bachelor's degree

Number of jobs


Job outlook, 2016 - 2026

24% (Much faster than average)

Average salary

USD $105,590