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Located in Kronoberg County, Småland, Växjö has a reputation for maintaining low emissions and was labelled "the Greenest City in Europe" in 2017 by the European Commission. If big cities aren't so much your thing, studying in Växjö will provide a more low-key study abroad experience with a strong connection to nature.

Växjö is a friendly city that may be small yet has everything you need to have a complete Swedish study abroad experience. Joggers and walkers can circle the lake, taking in the beautiful nature and fresh air, while sports lovers can immerse themselves in the excitement of an ice hockey match in a world-class sports area. Students studying in Växjö who are interested in arts and culture will enjoy the many events and festivals arranged by the city throughout the year, as well as the historical museums and cathedral.

It won’t take students long to become familiar with the environment and settle in to the comfortable vibe of the Växjö. Everything is within walking distance and after a day of hard work at school, students can expect a vibrant night life as well.

Main attractions

  • The House of Emigrants: It has museums, library, research center and archive that focuses on the emigration and immigration history of Sweden.
  • The Linnaeus Garden: Winner of the golden medal in the Chelsea Flower show, the most prestigious garden show in Europe. The garden is designed by the landscape architect, Ulf Nordfjell, and combines modernity, art and nature.
  • Växjö Cathedral: The Cathedral is the tallest building in Växjö and dates back to the late 12th century. Inside the cathedral, you can find some beautiful art works in different materials.
  • Nature Reserves in Växjö: There are many nature reserves in Växjö for people to have a little outdoor adventure.

Education in Växjö

Studying in Växjö will undoubtedly be the highlight of your experience abroad. Even though it is not a big city like Stockholm or Gothenburg, there are many programs provided by universities that are suitable for international students to study. The living condition is relaxing and affordable. While locals are generally fluent in English, studying in Växjö is a good opportunity to learn about Swedish culture and language.


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