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Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, students coming to study in Vancouver will be able to take advantage of its majestic mountains, rainforests and sparkling ocean.  Find degrees in Vancouver below.
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Vancouver is a gorgeous city in the southwest corner of Canada located in the province of British Columbia. Situated on a peninsula surrounded by Burrard Inlet and English Bay, downtown Vancouver is a transportation hub for travel up and down Canada, the USA’s west coast and also across the Pacific Ocean to Asia. Vancouver is safe, clean, green and easily accessible by its efficient public transportation system or by walking, making studying in Vancouver an ideal opportunity for international students. The diversity of Vancouver can be seen in its wide range of neighborhoods, from Chinatown to Granville Street, Punjabi Market to Commercial Drive. Vancouver is also home to several high-quality universities and other higher education institutions.  Browse programs below that you can study abroad in Vancouver.

The coastal seaport is located in the southwest corner of Canada’s British Columbian province. Downtown Vancouver is situated on a peninsula flanked by English Bay to one side and Burrard Inlet to the other. Its 2.4 million inhabitants (within the greater metropolitan area) have access to an exciting city and the wide expanses of the wild Pacific Northwest. Vancouver lies near excellent skiing in the Canadian Rockies and Whistler Resort, and the great outdoors of Vancouver Island. In fact, this is part of what led Vancouver to be chosen as the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Vancouver was first settled by bands of Indians who crossed the Bering Land Bridge. Thousands of years later, the Spanish laid claim to the west coast of North America, including the land where Vancouver is now. The city itself grew out of a shantytown adjacent to a logging sawmill called Gastown in 1867. It is said the lumber from Gastown was shipped to China and used to construct Beijing’s Imperial Palace. From this sawmill, the town of Granville arose, and was renamed Vancouver in 1886 after an English captain who came upon the area after the Spanish. Soon after, the transcontinental railroad reached Vancouver, making it an important seaport for traffic to Asia. Vancouver is now the biggest port in Canada.

Today, Vancouver is home to a vast multicultural population making it is an accessible, welcoming place for international students from all around the world. It offers top entertainment, excellent shopping, gourmet restaurants, and exciting sporting events. A combination of cultures – Indian, Italian, First Nations tribes, Chinese, and Japanese – have influenced Vancouver’s development, creating a unique diversity throughout the metropolis.

The city is home to many top-notch universities and other higher education institutions so international students coming to study in Vancouver will benefit from internationally recognized education from world-class schools. Vancouver is green, clean, safe, and easily accessible, either by walking or by its efficient public transportation system. There are several interesting neighborhoods in Vancouver, such as Punjabi Market, Granville Street, Commercial Drive, and Chinatown.

Vancouver weather is rainy, and maintains mild temperatures year-round, usually not falling below freezing in the winter and staying comfortably warm in the summer. Vancouver’s two largest industries are forestry and tourism. Vancouver is not only a popular place to visit or study abroad in – it has been consistently being ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. No wonder it's the fastest growing city of Canada.


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