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The United States is a nation of fifty states that together make up one of the most exciting and diverse countries in the world. With vibrant cities and beautiful nature, study in the United States has so much to offer to any student looking for a new experience. A qualification from a US university is generally recognized around the world and studying in the USA is the perfect opportunity to discover a new way of life and practice your English (if you are not a native English speaker).

Education System

The quality of education is one of the best and there are countless opportunities for students to pursue whichever course they choose to study in the United States. Requirements for admission depends on each university and type of program, but in general, to pursue higher education in the US, students must have graduated from secondary school. International students will also be required to show proof that they have a solid comprehension of the English language.

If English is not for your first language, most universities require that you complete a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test to prove your English skills.

Degree Types

Different types of educational institutions will offer different types of degrees and qualifications. Some will focus primarily on undergraduate degrees, while others may also offer Master degrees and PhDs. International students may also find opportunities to study in the USA for a shorter period of time, for example a semester at a US university or an internship at a US company or organization. What type of study you want to do is entirely up to you. Read below to find out more.


For those wanting to study in the USA its possible to choose between three types of higher education institutions - State Universities, Private Universities and Community Colleges, each with their own prerequisites, tuition fees and types of qualifications. State universities are often cheaper than private universities and the most popular option for international students coming to study in the USA. A community college will award graduates with an associate degree which acts as a stepping stone to an undergraduate degree at a state or private-run university.

Tuition Fees

Costs involved in tuition and accommodation can vary depending on the school, qualification and city of study. Scholarships and loans are possible ways to cover tuition fees, while various housing opportunities exist, depending on the student's financial situation, ranging from university-run accommodation to being hosted by a local family.

Student Visa

Obtaining a visa to study in the USA can be a lengthy process so it's recommended that you begin your application as soon as possible. Visas for international students come in two forms - one that covers full-time students for the duration of their course, and one that covers students traveling to the USA for practical training. Students will also be able to work part-time in some instances.

To qualify for a student visa to the United States, you must have a residence abroad, and the intention to return to that residence upon completion of your education program. You must also have sufficient funds to support your course of study.

City Guides

Students wanting to study in the United States can choose from a multitude of cities with their own unique charm and personality. From the concrete jungle of Los Angeles to the golden beaches of Miami, international students will be able to enjoy very different study abroad experiences depending on which city they end up in. We've outlined some of the most popular study destinations here.


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