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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is a degree and field of study that not only challenges your ability to teach others, but also to have a fundamental understanding of the struggles and comprehension of learning a new language. While many educators in general have access to materials, course resources, and other aids, those who teach english to speakers of other languages additionally have to build a large comprehensive base of information for each student in order to successfully proceed into learning english and being able to speak and understand how the language is constructed. Today, english connects the business world as well as many cultures and it is up to the teachers of english worldwide to bride the understanding of the language so that our global society is able to understand one another in any situation.

What can I do with a TESOL degree?

If you enjoy travelling and have interests in communications and both the functional and cultural sides of studies in english, a degree in TESOL abroad would suit you.

With aTESOL degree, you have the capabilities and skills that can set you apart from others in the field of language studies since english is now a globally spoken language that consistently plays into cultural understandings, education for many, and advancements in both business and technology. Additionally, you can work just about anywhere in the world teaching english, so your career options also come with a highly sought after influence of travel.

Potential careers for those with a TESOL degree may include but are not limited to:

  • Private Tutor
  • ESL Instructor
  • Test Development Specialist
  • Language Specialist
  • TESOL Teaching Material Writer
  • Online English Teacher

Prerequisites for studying TESOL abroad:

The prerequisites for studying a TESOL degree abroad vary by university/institute of education, degree or program level, as well as potential requirements of a score of proficiency in a listed english as a language and/or literature exam.

A certificate course in TESOL is also offered by many universities and institutes that can contribute greatly to a degree in education. Bachelor’s programs will most likely require a level of proficiency in english prior to admission into their program, but master’s programs will possibly require more prerequisites such as a bachelor’s degree in a listed field of study. Be sure to check the necessary requirements with the university or institute you plan on attending.

What will I learn while studying TESOL abroad?

Those in a TESOL degree program can expect to learn a variety of strategies of learning, teaching methods, and possibly classroom management practices that they can later incorporate into their efforts in teaching others. Many degree/TESOL program abroad courses include how to properly include technology and the internet into your students’ learning efforts, the challenges and strategies of teaching english as a foreign language to a young learner (K-12), alternative methods of communication, and task-based learning techniques into a course outline. Many courses in a TESOL degree with incorporate practical applications and considerations towards how english is applied towards multiple cultural influences such as politics, economics, and ethics.

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