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Teachers and the individuals that devote their careers towards educating others is one that is both demanding and fulfilling. The pursuit of a career in education is one that is filled with a variety of influence and opportunities, allowing educators to find their specialties, preferences, and best abilities that will lead them in their future career path. Teaching has transformed throughout history, but managed to remain a constant in the lives of millions of individuals.

What can I do with a degree in teaching?

Individuals who seek to make an impact on others around them and those who enjoy the measures of communication and patience in A career path with a degree in teaching is one that can lead to many different options in location and sectors of learning.

A degree in teaching can lead to but is not limited to the following jobs:

  • Early Education Teacher
  • Education Administrator
  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • Special Educational Needs Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • University Professor

If choosing to take your studies of a teaching degree abroad, your potential to teach in another country is extremely prominent seeing as though many countries are in constant demand of all levels of educators. Teaching a foreign language also allows for a more diverse interaction with studies abroad that lead to a career in other countries outside of your home country.

Prerequisites for studying teaching abroad

The prerequisites for many degrees in teaching vary depending on institute of education, degree type, and specialization of education. Most commonly, a background in general studies that has led to a high school diploma or equivalent are prerequisites that many bachelor level degree programs require.

Master’s or PhD programs will require a larger amount of prerequisites such as a bachelor's degree level of studies for admittance into their programs. Prerequisites are entirely dependent on the institute of education or university program, so be sure to check with the administration of the program/courses you wish to take before applying.

What will I learn studying teaching abroad?

As a student in a teaching degree program abroad, your possibilities of learning are endless. Many programs will offer a variety of exposure to the core principles of teaching while also including methods and techniques of learning that are more adaptable to a number of teaching scenarios.

Many degree programs such as a bachelor's degree may find the following included in coursework:

  • Principles and Theories of Education
  • Childhood and adult studies
  • Education Technologies
  • Methods of Education
  • A period or more of student teaching

Master’s programs or higher may include:

  • Curriculum Construction/ Knowledge
  • Fundamentals of Learning Theory
  • Studies in Literacy
  • Capstone Project (possibly includes experience in learning environment that leads to self-assessment and reflection of previous education)

Whether at the bachelor’s level of studies or higher, such as a master’s or beyond, students of teaching will actively be engaged in many situations of assessment and ever-growing influence.

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