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Study Journalism Abroad in the UK

If you have a way with words, a knack for research, and an avid curiosity, then a degree in journalism is right up your alley. It can be difficult work and the hours are grueling, but those who are passionate will find a career in journalism to be highly rewarding. To get started, consider studying journalism abroad in the UK, known for the prestigious journalism degrees on offer. The UK education system is reputable for the value it places on diversity, accessibility, and practical experience.

An average day for a student studying journalism in the UK consists mostly of attending lectures and seminars on topics such as broadcast journalism, media law, news reporting, and photojournalism, to name a few. However, your degree is whatever you want to make of it. One of the benefits of studying journalism is that you can make what you want of your degree depending on your own personal passions and interests. So, whether you want to work towards becoming an investigative journalist or a gossip columnist, your studies will help you reach that goal.

Given the emphasis universities in the UK place on gaining practical experience, you will fortunately gain real-life professional experience through either an internship or apprenticeship directly through the university. Get credit that goes towards coursework while gaining the necessary experience to succeed at a future career. You have a competitive edge if you’re studying journalism abroad in the UK because employers love study abroad experience. As any student who has studied abroad in the UK before knows, the experience teaches you a whole new set of critical thinking, creative problem solving, and cross-cultural communication skills.

But, it’s not only about studying and working. Studying journalism in the UK is also the perfect opportunity to explore a new country, a fascinating culture, and endless sights and attractions. Whether you choose a big city or a coastal town, there is plenty to discover in the UK. See world famous monuments, taste the yummy cuisine, and take time to get to know your new, international friends and professional connections. So, what are you waiting for—find a journalism degree in the UK that suits you today!

Study Journalism in the UK

Top Study Abroad Destinations to Study Journalism in the UK

Although there are great journalism degree programs all across the UK, there are a few locations that stick out for their popularity amongst journalism students. If you’re not sure where to start on your search for a journalism degree in the UK, consider some of the following study abroad destinations:

London – Few cities in the world can compete with the glitz and glam of England’s capital city, London. Although it’s fast-pace and exciting, there is also a cozy, local neighborhood vibe wherever you go in London. However, journalism students especially love the great connections they will make in order to expand their professional network. With contacts in high places, it’s easy to pursue a career after graduation. But, don’t forget to have fun! London offers some of the best entertainment the world has to offer.


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