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Study Civil Engineering Abroad in the UK

Never has there ever been a more challenging but rewarding career than civil engineering. Put simply, civil engineering is the study of the design, construction, and maintenance of the structures surrounding us in our daily lives. If you have ever driven on a highway, crossed a bridge, or gazed down from a skyscraper, you have experienced the work of a team of civil engineers whose job was to make sure such structures were built and functioned as they should. If you’re ready for the responsibility and a thrilling career in engineering, consider studying civil engineering in the UK, one of the world leaders in civil engineering.

Civil engineering degrees exist around the entire UK, drawing in some of the best and brightest students looking to make it big in the engineering industry. So, don’t shy away from the opportunity to make the most of your education, and study at one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world. What makes the UK so popular for studying civil engineering? As a world leader in education, students receive a prestigious education while also getting practical experience and growing their professional network.

On an average day, civil engineering students spend a majority of their time in lectures and seminars learning the theoretical foundation that has created some of the world’s most impressive architecture. Learn about everything from physics to calculus to design principles from leaders already established in the industry. Plus, as the degree program advances, students are given ample opportunities to pursue professional experience through either an internship or apprenticeship. Through this work experience, students learn the necessary practical skills to successfully make it in a career as a civil engineer postgraduation.

But, it’s not only about studying and working. Studying civil engineering in the UK is also the perfect opportunity to explore a new country, a fascinating culture, and endless sights and attractions. Whether you choose a big city or a coastal town, there is plenty to discover in the UK. See world famous monuments, taste the yummy cuisine, and take time to get to know your new, international friends and professional connections. So, what are you waiting for—find an civil engineering degree in the UK that suits you today!

Study Civil Engineering Abroad

Top Study Abroad Destinations to Study Civil Engineering in the UK

Although there are great civil engineering degree programs all across the UK, there are a few locations that stick out for their popularity amongst civil engineering students. If you’re not sure where to start on your search for a civil engineering degree in the UK, consider some of the following study abroad destinations:

Birmingham – You may not have guessed it, but Birmingham earns the title of second most populous city in in the UK, after London. But, given its history as a manufacturing powerhouse in the Industrial Revolution, it’s no surprise that around its center, you can find numerous odes to its industrial past, one of the many reasons civil engineering students love Birmingham. But, there’s also plenty of modern entertainment as well. Visit Cadbury World for a delicious taste of its world-famous chocolates, or head over to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to check out one of the many masterpieces on display.


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