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Nestled between Italy, France, Austria and Germany, Switzerland is in many regards the hidden gem of central Europe. With its penchant for academic excellence and high standards of living, it is no wonder that Switzerland continues to be a premier choice for students seeking high quality education abroad. 

The people of Switzerland are understandably proud of their education system and the fact that they manage to attract so many international students to study their bachelor's degrees there year on year. Who would be able to resist the abundance of beautiful lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps? 

Global leader in higher education

Switzerland has an internationally respected education system that offers a broad range of academic opportunities for students seeking bachelor's degrees. Switzerland is home to a host of leading universities, particularly those located in Geneva and Bern. Whichever subject area you are looking to complete your bachelor's degree in, Swiss institutions are likely to be at the academic forefront of your field and will have a wide range of high quality courses for you to choose from. 

Popular bachelor's degrees

A whole range of academic subjects are available with finance and business degrees being preeminent, although engineering is also highly valued, as is the field of hospitality and tourism which Switzerland is well known for. As a country with four recognized vernaculars (German, French, Italian and Romansh), linguistic and language studies are also very well catered for. 

Most bachelor's degrees in Switzerland will take three years to complete, although there are universities who offer different time scales, and it is best to check with the relevant institution.

Famous hills of Switzerland

International recognition

Generally, Swiss institutions offer a European style of higher education. Qualifications obtained in Switzerland often compare very favorably and are considered in a high regard all over the world. A bachelor's degree from a Swiss university will serve as a great international bench mark of your skill in your chosen field, and prepare you to enter the job market upon graduation.

Switzerland has received global praise for its commitment to academic development. The country values its higher education system, viewing it as a key to progress, innovation, and national prosperity. Research and knowledge acquisition have always been driving forces behind Switzerland's success, and the country is regularly commended for its academic excellence and contribution to a variety of disciplines, particularly finance and business.

Visa requirements

International students opting to study in Switzerland will need to obtain a visa from their local Swiss embassy. Depending on whether you are an EU/EEA national or not will determine whether you require a visa. EU/EEA citizens do not require student visas to study in Switzerland, but they will need to register with the local resident registration office upon arrival. Non-EU/EEA citizens will require a student visa. Learn more about the student visa process here.

Admission requirements

In terms of admission to an academic institution, each university has its own entry standards, and due to the popularity of most courses these generally tend to be rather high in comparison to other European institutions. It is always best to thoroughly research the specific requirements of the institution you are hoping to apply to. When you find a course you are interested in learning more about, submit an information request to get in touch with the institution providing it.

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