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The city of San Francisco is known for its cool summer fog, eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture and steep hills. It is a city of natural beauty, located in Northern California on the peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. A total of 8.7 million people lives within the city borders of San Francisco. Students from all around the world come to study in San Francisco and enjoy this vibrant and innovative city. Browse through the programs below that international students can study in San Francisco.
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More About San Francisco

San Francisco started as a fort, established by the Spanish in 1776 next to where the Golden Gate Bridge is today. For decades, the city remained relatively small. Then, in 1848, the Gold Rush drew thousands of people to California in hopes of striking rich. The population of San Francisco jumped from 1,000 to 25,000 people. This established the city as a financial epicenter not only on the west coast, but also in the entire USA. Today, San Francisco is home to many financial institutions’ headquarters as well as many small businesses, making study in San Francisco the perfect option, regardless of the type of career you are pursuing.

In addition to being a business center, San Francisco is a hub of Internet technology with close ties to Silicon Valley and companies which have played major roles in the dot-com and Web 2.0 boom (such as Google, eBay and LinkedIn which all have their headquarters in San Francisco). The city also has several opportunities in health care; the San Francisco Medical Centers is one of the top 10 hospitals in the US, and many medical students come to intern there.

With its ideal climate of warm days and cool nights, abundant beauty and exceptional cultural resources, coming to study in San Francisco is the ultimate experience for international students. There is so much to do in this fascinating and diverse city, with attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Coit Tower and Chinatown. One novelty of San Francisco is the use of cable cars to navigate through the city center. There are stunning coastlines to hike along such as Presidio or Golden Gate Park, and lovely beaches to relax, such as North Beach or Santa Cruz. To escape the city, you can visit California’s wine country just a couple hours away in the Napa Valley or go skiing in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe.

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