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Saint Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia, and is considered the world’s cultural capital. Students studying in Saint Petersburg benefit from learning in one of Russia’s most important centers for science and education.
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Displaying 1-20 of 23 results

While we do recommend picking up a few basic Russian phrases before arriving in the country, students looking to study in Saint Petersburg will benefit from the city’s touristy nature, as the English language is an integral part of society especially in the higher education system. As in almost every city, buses and trains are the most common modes of transportation. However, those looking to study in Saint Petersburg can take advantage of its network of canals which provide a unique and efficient way to get around and explore the “Venice of the North”.

There is no lack of after school activities in Saint Petersburg either. Students often take river trips as a relaxation option before an exam while carnivals, concerts and nightclubs are a common way to let off some steam afterwards. If you prefer a quieter way to unwind, the city has tons of museums and art galleries to choose from.

Things To Do When Studying in Saint Petersburg

Get into The Sports Scene – Football has a tremendous following in Saint Petersburg and with good reason; Zenit, one of Russia’s most successful football teams locally and internationally, calls the city its home. Join in on the football fever with the locals or take the Football Petersburg Tour to know more about the city’s love affair with the sport.

Visit The Hermitage – Nothing emphasizes Russia’s achievements in the field of the arts better than the Hermitage. The Russian icon is the second largest museum in existence, second only to the Louvre in Paris. As Saint Petersburg’s most famous tourist attraction, it is considered as one of the greatest treasuries of arts and antiquities, currently possessing the largest collection of paintings in the world.

Cross the Bridges – A total of over 300 bridges can be found in Saint Petersburg, each with their own unique themes and designs. Potseluev Bridge is famous among lovers, as people believe that kissing a loved one on the bridge will assure his/her return. Other notables include the widest bridge in the world (Blue Bridge) and the longest (Alexander Nevsky Bridge).

Bask in the Music and the Arts – Aside from the Hermitage, Saint Petersburg has around 200 more museums each offering a unique viewpoint about Russian history. The city is in no shortage of world-class theaters and performance halls either, with concerts and music festivals in full display all year round.


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