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Displaying 1-20 of 97 results

As the ‘Eternal City,’ Rome certainly lives up to its name, with a history of almost 3 millennia, during which it has exerted a great influence over the world. The mythical founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus in the 700s BC laid the foundation for a city that would rule the world, or at least as much of the world as its inhabitants knew at that time.

Religion has played a major part in Rome’s history, and students coming to study in Rome can witness this all over the city in the countless churches and chapels, the art and the music. Harboring the Religio Romana with its many gods from the early days, Rome later became the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The seat of the Papacy was established in Rome – the Vatican – and today students coming to study in Rome can explore it, the smallest state in the world.

As a place of great political importance as well as the capital and headquarters of the Roman Empire, students coming to study a degree in Rome can benefit from schools and universities surrounded by thousands of years of culture and history. The lands under Roman rule stretched as far north as Britain and as far west as Mesopotamia – all under the power of Rome, its figurative center. The Roman Empire’s political and legal systems have served as a model for many of the political and legal systems currently in place around the world, making it a perfect place for students who study political science or law. Rome is still a capital city today, now of a much smaller area, the 1,285 square kilometers that make up the boot-shaped country of Italy.

As naturally happens in cities with so much activity and exchanging of ideas, Rome had a significant influence over cultural and art as well. The language of ancient Rome was Latin. Although no longer spoken natively, many European languages – the Romance languages – are based on Latin, making Rome the perfect destination for students wanting to study languages and linguistics. Rome was also a major center of the Italian Renaissance movement, and students coming to study here can see the evidence of this in the incredible art throughout Rome today.

Students who study in Rome experience a unique combination of past and present, modern and antiquated. Its 4.3 million people live in an open-air museum where the beauty of the past is alive around every corner. Students undertaking a degree in Rome enjoy a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. For two weeks in August, almost everything in the city closes for holiday to escape the intense heat.


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