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The Big Apple, Gotham, The City that Never Sleeps – all of these are nicknames for what is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and students come from all over to study in New York City. New York is the most populated metropolitan area in the United States; 19,8 million people call it home. Studying in New York is a dynamic experience and students never stop learning and exploring.

First founded as a trading post in 1624 by the Dutch, New York City was originally called New Amsterdam. In 1664, the settlement was taken over by the English, who renamed it New York after the Duke of York. Since 1790, New York has been the largest city in the United States.

Today, New York City consists of five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan. Manhattan is the most famous borough, home to Times Square, Broadway, Wall Street, Chinatown, and Rockefeller Plaza. Within these buroughs is enough activity to fill a lifetime: theatres, museums, parks, parades, historical sites, gardens, dance, opera, galleries, restaurants, clubs and bars. International students from all over the world will find the perfect program to study in New York City.

There are also opportunities in New York to escape city life on a weekend getaway to Long Island with its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere. Or visit the mountains of northern New York state for skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, or enjoying the beautiful changing of the leaves in the autumn.

There are roughly 110 universities and colleges in New York located within its boundaries, and is one of the most popular places for students to come for their higher education. There are a number of both public and private universities of all different sizes and specialities in New York City. In addition, there are schools in New York specific to certain subjects such as religion, dance, or the visual arts.

New York City is an exciting place full of adventure and activity at any time of day and is home to many prestigious educational institutions where motivated students thrive.


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