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Moscow is Russia’s capital as well as its largest city. Students wanting to study in Moscow will get to combine a prestigious education with the excitement of a vivid city life. Find and compare degrees in Russia.
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Students wanting to study in Moscow will benefit from the city’s 800-year-old history, as well as its reputation as one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals. Exploring the streets feels like you’re traveling through different time periods. You could be admiring the classic Russian architecture at the Kolomenskoe Museum at first and in the next, you’ll be standing in the middle of the Moscow International Business Center, with ambitious and modern engineering projects towering in every direction.

Described as “A City of Contrasts”, Moscow is a place that never fails to surprise. Commuting through the city is efficient and inexpensive, thanks to a world class public transportation system and its discounts catered to students.

Things to Do When Studying in Moscow

See Kremlin and Red Square – Described as the heart and soul of Russia, the cobblestone steps of Red Square have been a staunch witness to Russia’s history since the 13th century. Surrounded by the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the square has no shortage of symbols depicting Russia’s interesting and colorful past.

Eat at Teremok – It’s quite hard not to notice the popular Russian fast food chain Teremok as it seems to be literally everywhere, whether as a street kiosk, a food court outlet, or as a restaurant. Here you can taste the local food such as Blini (Russian pancake with various toppings) and Syrniki (Russian desert made from cheesecake) at its cheapest.

Relax at the parks – Are you tired of the chaos of city life? Parks like Tsaritsyno, Alexanders Garden and Gorky Park await those who prefer some peace and tranquility. Izmaylovo Park is one of the biggest in the world at 15.34 square kilometers (1,534 hectares), six times bigger than Central Park in New York.

Enjoy the streets – Moscow luxuriousness and edginess are in full display as its nightclubs and theatres come alive at night. Notable sights include Arbatskaya street, where one can see numerous street magicians and entertainers perform, and the Bolshoi Theatre, which is one of the most prominent Russian symbols and is most famous for its contribution to the performing arts.


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