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Melbourne is a sophisticated city with a vibrant energy full of culture, art, sport, and music. Thousands of international students come to study in Melbourne every year. Maybe you’ll soon be one of them!
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Australia's Melbourne is a great cultural hub. As the birthplace of Australian film and television, the Australian Impressionist art movement, and Aussie rules football, culture can be found everywhere in this city. With such abundant culture comes a wealth of excellent higher education opportunities available in Melbourne for students from near and far. Melbourne's 9 universities are challenging, dynamic, rewarding places for international students to study toward any one of a full range of qualifications such as:

Skilled, supportive education professors support students in world-class facilities at schools in Melbourne. There are also a wide range short English language education courses in Melbourne (known as ELICOS - English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) offered at colleges, where students can gain a confident knowledge in speaking English.

The city of Melbourne specialises in vocational education training. Students who study in Melbourne and are interested in gaining the skills demanded by modern industry may choose from countless hands-on, high-quality vocational education courses in Melbourne. Students in Melbourne may also choose from a number of excellent undergraduate and research opportunities in the following education fields:

As Victoria’s center for sport, tourism, commerce, entertainment, education, and industry, Melbourne hosts a number of glamorous events and festivals each year, including the Australian Open Tennis Championships, the Melbourne International Arts Festival, the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Melbourne is a gateway to some of Australia's greatest natural wonders: rivers, wildlife, beaches, ski resorts, lakes, and deserts.

Melbourne offers a wealth of educational experiences, and is also a gateway to higher educational opportunities in other major Australian cities.


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