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Best cuisine, fascinating history, beautiful scenery. These three reasons alone are enough to convince thousands of international students to take their master's degree at one of Italy's many top universities each year. Incase you were still on the fence, we've outlined some of the key information you'll need to know if you're still considering beginning your post-graduate study in Bel Paese (The Beautiful Country).

Italy has something new to offer all international students who opt to study there. Often considered as the birthplace of western civilization, Italy is home to the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in a single nation, and the country is awash with breathtaking artwork, architecture and archaeological sites. Whichever city or region you decide to study in, you will be immersed in a unique history and culture that is bound to complement whichever master's program you decide to study.

Higher education in Italy

Italy is home to some of the world's oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions. Whatever subject you wish to pursue your master's degree in, from the arts to science, your university is guaranteed to be at the forefront of the latest research, and you will benefit greatly from access to the latest resources and post-graduate teaching methods.

Master's degree structure in Italy

The academic year for master's degrees in Italy is comprised of two semesters. The first semester starts in the months of September or October and ends in the month of January or February. Similarly, the second semester starts in February and ends in July. The start and finish dates of the various master's degrees in Italy may vary from one university to the other and it is best to gain knowledge about them so that you can apply within the correct period.

Each semester may last for 20 weeks. The teaching period lasts for 14 weeks and the exam period for 6 weeks. The examinations are held after the teaching period is completed and they are both written and oral tests for master's students. The students are graded on a scale of 0 - 30 with 18 as the pass standard. Master's degree students that attain the highest grade will receive a special distinction.

Vernazza at Sunset

Admission requirements 

If you want to apply for a master's degree in Italy, you need to have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent as specified by your Italian university. Apart from this, students are required to have adequate knowledge of the Italian language before they choose to enroll at one of the many top universities in Italy. The students may be ranked on the grade points from their previous undergraduate courses.

Students may also be required to take an admission test before they enroll in the course of their choice. The tests may vary from one university to the other and gaining knowledge about them can help you pass and get admitted to the course you wish to pursue more easily.

Tuition fees in Italy

The fees for most of the master's degrees available in Italy can vary from 850 to 1,000 Euro depending on the course and the institution chosen by the student. Private universities and those offering specialized courses charge a higher fee in comparison to public universities. Grants are available to students based on certain qualifications and prerequisites. Research them during the application process and find out if you're eligible.

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