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Studying in Lucerne is a mix of tradition and modernity side by side. Lucerne has been known for its reputable innovative designs in architecture. The city’s popular designs include the futuristic culture and convention Centre (KKL) by French architect Jean Nouvel. This center is Lucerne’s trademark and venue for around the year cultural events. 

Lucerne’s central geographical location is best for students interested in adventure sports, with easy access to lakes and mountains all year round. Additionally, students studying in Lucerne will be able to jet off to other major European cities, such as Paris and London, for a quick weekend study break.

Popular locations around Lucerne

  1. Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland and the pride of Lucerne. Along with its popular scenic views, it is known as the lake on which William Tell escaped.
  2. Mont Pilatus, a mountain range popular for adventure sports overlooks the city of Lucerne. This location boasts summer and winter activities, good hotels and restaurants, and many other events for families and individuals. Interestingly, its name is derived from the presumed haunting of the ghost of Pontius Pilate, a figure in Christianity.
  3. Chapel bridge is one of the most famous surviving (relic) from medieval times that is a road covered bridge in Europe. Additionally, the city was initially named after Peter’s chapel that is located at the end of the bridge. This is the most photographed location in Switzerland. Over 120 paintings adorn the rafters of the bridge that were painted in 17th century depicting Switzerland’s history.
  4. The lion monument located in Lucerne is the depiction of a slain and tearful lion constructed in the memory of Swiss mercenaries that perished during the French revolution. 

Student experiences in Lucerne

The people in Lucerne are largely German-speaking, however English is an important second language for the locals and there are a large number of international schools located in Lucerne that offer programs in English. Additionally, most primary schools have an English curriculum for children to learn English at a young age. Several internationally recognized schools are located in Lucerne that specialize in Tourism and Business, offering quality education for students wanting to study in Lucerne.

Lucerne is a gradually increasing student centric city. Students can enjoy a fresh drink at  bars and cafes along the lake and river, before utilizing the city's free wireless internet to work on their study projects.


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