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Undertaking a study in Latvia will grant you access to academic benefits earned from the country’s willingness to actively participate in global collaborations in the field of education and research. Latvia is a part of the European Higher Education Area which promotes an active exchange of staff and students within and outside of Europe. The Latvian education system also adheres to the Bologna system, with Latvian universities offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees.

Higher education in Latvia is split into two programmes: academic and professional. Academic programmes are more theoretical and research based, while professional courses are more vocational, with a focus on improvement of systems and technologies. Latvian higher education institutions are home to a wide-range of courses, with the most popular ones being in the Engineering, Health Care, Mathematics, Computer Science and Business sectors.

The Cost of Studying in Latvia

While the tuition fees in Latvian universities vary depending on your chosen program, university and country of origin, they are still relatively affordable compared to other institutions in the EU. There are also scholarships available for those who wish to study in Latvia. However, this type of student assistance is only available for a select group of countries.

Language & Culture

Programmes in higher education are either taught in Latvian, Russian, English or a mixture of the three. Latvian is the country’s national language, with Russian as the most-widely used minority language.

Exploring Latvian culture is a treat for those who choose to study abroad in Latvia, as it mixes the influences from the nation’s European neighbors with its own traditions. The locals joyously celebrate their heritage through singing and dancing, providing an enjoyable community for music lovers who chose to study in Latvia.

Entry Requirements & Student Visas

In general, submitting proof of an accomplished secondary education plus passing the entrance exams are among the main entry requirements needed to study in a Latvian university. Academic degrees and qualifications earn abroad are submitted for evaluation to the Academic Information Centre while partial studies in higher education are assessed by the student’s chosen institution.

Citizens from the EU and other visa-free countries who wish to study in Latvia who plan on staying beyond the 90-day period in the country will need to apply for a residence permit.

You can consult the links below for details regarding student visas and more.

Living Costs & Accommodation in Latvia

Those who wish to study in Latvia are recommended to consult with their chosen university with regards to accommodation, as the real estate market is quite tricky to navigate. Oftentimes, universities provide accommodation for students through campus dormitories or hostels.

Living costs in Latvia are generally cheaper compared to many European countries, but at varying costs. You can check our study guide below for a detailed breakdown of expenses for Latvian cities.


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