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The United Kingdom's relationship with the English language is a long and fascinating one. With a history stretching back to the Roman age, the English language has stood the test of time whilst evolving significantly along the way. Many cultural and historic events have played their part in solidifying English's global reach and shaping the different ways we understand it today.

Perhaps the most compelling opportunity that arises from studying English language courses in the UK is being able to gain first-hand experience of the wide array of regional dialects and accents heard in different reaches of the country. From Queen's English to Liverpudlian Scouse, English in the UK is one of the most diverse and authentic language experiences available.

The United Kingdom

Despite being a relatively compact nation, the British Isles are a vibrant collective with a lot to offer international students. Studying English language courses in the UK is the perfect chance to explore stunning landscapes and absorb a rich cultural heritage alongside your learning.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each hold their own unique appeal – from the bustling hub of London to the romantic charm of Edinburgh, the luxurious haven of the Welsh Valleys to the green slopes of Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is a diverse nation packed with opportunity like no other. The benefit of the UK's extensive public transport network also means you are always a train or bus journey away from the next city, landmark or pub.

Why study English abroad?

  • Give yourself time to achieve: Learning English outside of a native-speaking country can be tough. Studying in the UK will provide you with the tools and time to make the most of your study experience, and most importantly increase your likelihood of achieving fluency.

  • Immerse yourself: By studying in a native English speaking country, you will have the chance to use your English around the clock. This gives you the best chance of making progress as quickly as possible.

  • Learn a new culture: Learning a language is more than just grammar and vocabulary. Studying English in the UK allows you to gain essential practice from your surroundings and experience life from the perspective of a native speaker.

International students in London

What to expect from your language course

The majority of English language courses in the UK are focused on helping students achieve an IELTS, TOELF or EOSL graded level of proficiency, or are tailored towards the English skill required to work in a specific industry, such as business or the sciences. Courses of this nature are likely to be intensive, with a specified focus on the language necessary for effective communication in the workplace.

Here are some examples of the different topics your English program will cover:

  • Reading and writing in English
  • Speaking and listening skills 
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Scenario-based learning 
  • Field trips to landmarks, towns & historical sites

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