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The English language is an essential part of global communication, and its influence stretches across many aspects of modern life. From international business and travel to the glamour of Hollywood, the English language serves as a global 'lingua fraca' that bridges together different nations and allows them to communicate effectively.

With English currently being spoken by up to 1.5 billion in over 100 countries, today is a better time than ever to reach a higher proficiency or begin your journey from scratch. Maximize your potential and connect with the world with these English language courses.

What will I gain when I undertake an English language course?

As with learning any new language, there is a wealth of ability and opportunity to be gained from studying English. Here are a few skills you are likely to develop when taking an English language course.

  • You will enhance your communication skills and improve your listening, speaking, memory and problem-solving ability.
  • You will gain the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries and cultures.
  • If you opt for studying English abroad, you have an exciting chance to embrace the unfamiliar. You may be required to study entirely in English eventually, and/or live in a country where you are not a native speaker!

Today, many employers view a good grasp of the English language as a vital prerequisite to being hired. Communication is a key skill for a lot of organizations, and proficiency in English helps to show that you are effective in this area. Due to its global reach, English is utilized in a variety of career roles and industries, from business and finance to media and design. Many organizations require English as a means of bridging into international markets and having a common language for employees within a multi-national workplace. 

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What can I expect from my English language course?

English language courses are available in a variety of formats. Regardless of your budget, location and preferred learning delivery method, there is likely to be a course suited to your needs. 

Classroom courses are effective in that they allow for students to receive a higher level of attention and support, as well as the chance to engage in group activities and practice with fellow students. Some schools offer their programs as summer courses, which is useful for those who are preparing to study abroad in the fall or are already enrolled on a degree and busy during the rest of the year. Online courses are also available for those looking for a more flexible learning environment. 

Here are some examples of the different areas your English language course is likely to cover:

  • Reading and writing in English
  • Speaking and listening skills 
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Scenario-based learning 

The majority of English language courses are focused on helping students achieve an IELTS, TOELF or EOSL graded level of proficiency, or are tailored towards the English skill required to work in a specific industry, for example business or the sciences. Courses of this nature are likely to be intensive, with a specified focus on the language necessary for effective communication related to the field of work.

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