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There are endless opportunities for students studying in Karlsruhe to traverse the city’s museums and art galleries, explore leafy oases of tranquility, inhabit cozy beer gardens, feast on regional specialties such as Käsespätzle and sample the city’s vibrant night life. Not only does Karlsruhe ooze culture and creativity, it is also a hub of science and technology, Germany's online capital and the seat of the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice. There are few places better suited to academic enrichment than this beacon of legal apparatus and self-proclaimed city without ramparts – a place that is always eager expand and enhance its culture.

Things to do in Karlruhe

Historical sites and landmarks – Karlsruhe literally and figuratively revolves around Karlsruhe Palace (Schloss), a gorgeous yellow baroque building erected by Margrave Karl Wilhelm to be the centerpiece of his fan-shaped city. Outside the palace, the sprawling Marktplatz sets the scene for Friedrich Weinbrenner's pièce de résistance, the Karlsruhe pyramid – a conspicuous design that marks the grave of the city’s founder. Also worth a visit is the Prince Max Palais – this beautiful feat of design, complete with stately exterior, gilded interior and decorative gardens, has housed Baden aristocracy, the royal imperial chancellor and the Federal Constitutional Court.

Art and Culture –  The rooms of the Prince Max Palais showcase Karlsruhe’s brief but fascinating history, from the legacy behind the fan-shaped construction, to the industrialization of the city, to the Third Reich. The Baden State Museum is the predominant museum for the cultural history of the Baden-Württemberg region, showing exhibits spanning from ancient times until the 21st century as well as a varied program of educational events. Perhaps the city’s most famous cultural institution is the Center for Art and Media (ZKM). Part museum, part institute, part documentation center, ZKM combines production and research, exhibitions and events, procurement and documentation. Visitors can partake in events and tours, or view public collections and the media library, making it an invaluable resource for students.

Leisure and entertainment –The main street of Kaiserstraße is sure to get the hearts of shopping enthusiasts racing, whilst the spoke-like streets of the ‘Fan City’ are lined with quirky boutiques. For some local flair, visit local markets which operate three days a week at the Postgalerie, Werderplatz or Gutenbergplatz. Karlsruhe is also one of the culinary hotspots of Germany, and there are plenty of fantastic restaurants in which to sample regional delicacies consisting of dumplings, rich gravies and fresh meats, cheeses and pastries, not to mention the fantastic wine of the Baden region.


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