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Thousands of students are drawn to study Johannesburg, whether for the city’s wealth, its man-made forest (the largest in the world), or its modernity. Find and compare degrees in Johannesburg below.
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Originally inhabited by pre-13th century San tribes, Johannesburg – Jo’burg for short – became a town of wealth-seekers when gold was discovered in the late 1800s. Johannesburg seems to have a tradition of drawing internationals, whether those searching for gold or more recently, students searching for a quality education.

The students who come to study in Johannesburg find this capital of Gauteng, South Africa’s wealthiest province, a prosperous city in a mild, sunny subtropical highland climate. Johannesburg is home to a number of excellent private and public universities which are located throughout the city. Universities in Johannesburg strive to achieve the highest academic standards. Education courses at most schools in Johannesburg are offered in both Afrikaans and English as well as several other of South Africa’s 11 official languages. Johannesburg also has a technical college and a number of teacher-training schools.

There are many different education programmes available for students who wish to study in Johannesburg, South Africa, including the following:

Johannesburg is a hub of commercial enterprise, mining, and finance in the country of South Africa, and as such has developed a fine higher education system. Students who study at universities in Johannesburg have access to the city’s numerous libraries where they find a wealth of academic resources. Students also get to know the way of life and culture in one of South Africa’s finest cities: Johannesburg.


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