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Students who choose to study in Jelgava will quickly notice the city’s above average level of hospitality. This is primarily because this Latvian city is no stranger to accommodating visitors, as it regularly hosts both local and international students from the Latvia University of Agriculture.

It also continues to attract guests from across the globe, due to its vast offerings of historical and natural monuments, cultural events, charming parks and rivers, as well as manor buildings decorated in stunning architectural styles such as Classicism, Baroque, and Renaissance.Aside from the attractive sights, there are also plenty of leisure opportunities available for those who want to study abroad in Jelgava. In their spare time, individuals studying in Jelgava can learn how to ride on horseback at the farms, or make masterpieces and sculptures with craftsmen at the local workshops.

Things to See in Jelgava

Jelgava History and Art Museum of Gedert Elias –This museum details the climactic events in Jelgava’s history, from the days of the World War up to modern times, with an emphasis on the political economic, and cultural climate during those periods. The main attraction, however, is the art exhibit featuring works of Gederts Eliass, a Latvian master painter.

Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower – This newly-restored tower has a sightseeing platform which gives guests the opportunity to have an impressive bird’s-eye view of the city. Students taking up a study in Jelgava can also further learn more about the city’s transformation and notable achievements throughout the years. If they’re feeling hungry, students can dine at the French-styled restaurant - La Tour De Marie.

Jelgava Palace – Built in the 18th century, Jelgava Palace is the biggest architectural monument in the three Baltic states. Designed by famed Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the palace offers a history lesson at its museum which orients guests about its colorful history as well as the current efforts to maintain and conserve the palace.

Memorial Museum of Adolfs Alunāns – Those who choose to study abroad in Jelgava will get to explore the house of Ādolfs Alunāns, who is considered as the father of Latvian theatre. The museum serves as a memorial to the last two years of the Latvian icon’s life, and many of his personal belongings such as his library, furniture and household items have been carefully preserved.


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