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In recent years, Canada has seen a huge increase in popularity as both a tourist and study abroad destination. Students are especially drawn to one of the many hip, up-and-coming cities scattered across Canada’s nearly 10 million km². But it’s not just the pulsing nightlife, hip music scene, or friendly Canadians that are attracting students.

It’s also the opportunity to study at one of Canada’s best universities. With about 100 universities to choose from, students can expect to receive a world-class education tailored to their individual interests. The Canadian education system sets itself apart by being both accessible and stimulating, making students feel both inspired and ready to take on their new careers.

So, why not take on the challenge and study at one of the best universities in Canada? There are plenty of reasons why!

Sustainable Cities

Canadians pride themselves on the natural beauty of their country and take protecting it very seriously. As large population centers, many cities are at the forefront of the effort to preserve the environment. It’s no wonder then that many of the best universities in Canada, as centers of research and environmental advocacy, have positioned themselves in some of Canada’s most sustainable cities.

Take, for example, cities like Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver. Concerned citizens seek progressive policies for recycling and preserving green spaces, while trying to reduce negative factors like auto emissions.

Hip Social Scene

Not only are Canadian cities amongst the most sustainable, they are also amongst the hippest. All of the best universities in Canada can be found in cities which offer students endless opportunities to pursue their interests and hobbies. Whether it’s adventure sports, live music, modern art, or gastronomy, you can find it all in and around Canada’s most popular study abroad destinations.

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is all the new international friends you will make during your studies. It’s easy to join a group of new students just like you and explore your new home town. Share your interests while also experiencing what other students around the world enjoy doing. With a diverse, multiethnic population, there is no shortage of international restaurants and cultural experiences to share with others.

Friendly Neighbors

The best universities in Canada also boast some of the best faculty in the world, not only because of their qualifications but also because Canadians are often ranked as some of the nicest, most polite people in the world.

It’s hard enough moving to a new country to study abroad without having to dedicate extra effort fitting in with the locals. With a diverse population from around the globe, you’ll fit in almost right away. You can, therefore, dedicate your extra energy to making new, lifelong friends.


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