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Rated as a top 10 city for quality of life, students wanting to study in Geneva will enjoy this peaceful Swiss city, with its scenic lakes and lush gardens. Find and compare degrees in Geneva below.
Displaying 1-20 of 185 results
Displaying 1-20 of 185 results

Geneva’s historical past has led it to become one of the largest French speaking cities in Switzerland and a cultural hub. Many international artists perform there at international music festivals and venues like the Grand Theater and Geneva Opera house, making studying in Geneva a perfect destination for students with a passion for the arts. The music scene of Geneva has also made it a top city of opportunities for budding artists to receive the best musical education. 

Geneva is recognized as the capital of peace for its humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair. This city serves as the seat of the UN and acts as headquarters for the Redcross.

Main attractions in Geneva

  1. The art and cultural center of Switzerland, Geneva has several trade fairs and exhibitions occurring during the year
  2. The Horloge Fleuriö is a large flower clock located in the Jardin Anglais and a world-renowned symbol of Geneva
  3. Grand Theater and Geneva Opera House - the symbol of art and culture in Geneva where many international and world renowned artists perform
  4. A vast range of museums exist in Geneva such as the Musee international de
    l’horlogerie, the international museums of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, and the watch museum with a collection of jewellery watches and musical watches. These museums are a must see.
  5. Although situated in neighboring France, Mont Saleve is a rewarding experience as well. The cableway ride to an altitude of 1100 meters give rise to views like the city of Geneva, Lake Geneva, the Alps, the Jura mountains and Montblanc.
  6. For those who want to experience old churches from the roman era, St. Pierre cathedral is a three navel basilica in Geneva’s old town and also offers a spectacular view of the city and lake Geneva

The Experience of Studying in Geneva

Students who choose to study in Geneva benefit from one of the most rich and challenging atmosphere in the world. Geneva arguably holds some of the best research and technological institutions in the world, including several business schools. Top research and development laboratories in Geneva include Du Pont Nemours and Serono Pharmaceutical research institute (SPRI).

Geneva’s prime location makes it the world’s capital of raw materials attracting
businesses of all sectors, including merchants, banks, brokers and insurance). Geneva is the second Swiss financial center after Zurich making it one of the most important places in the world in terms of private wealth management. Students who study in Geneva will benefit from many work opportunities with local and international organizations. 


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