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More About Florida, USA

Tourism is one of the largest sectors of the state of Florida's economy, followed quickly by agriculture (most of the citrus fruit in the United States of America is grown right here in Florida!). On top of that, Florida has developed a strong economic growth through construction, international banking, biomedical and life sciences, healthcare research, simulation training and aerospace. This means that study in Florida is an appropriate choice for almost any international student, regardless of what you're studying.

With a population of 20 million people, Florida's culture reflects its people, a cosmopolitan melting pot of Native American, European American, Hispanic and Latino, and African American heritages. This multiculturalism can be found in the architecture and cuisine all around the state.

Florida has a tempered climate due in large to the fact that no part of the state is far away from the ocean. In the North, the climate is humid subtropical, while in the South you will find a tropical climate with warm summers and mild winters.

English is the official language of the state of Florida, with Spanish also widely spoken throughout the state. This means students coming to study in Florida will only not improve their English skills but will be presented with many opportunities to learn and practice some Spanish as well!

In terms of sports, Florida gained its first permanent major-league professional sports team in 1966 when the American Football League founded the Miami Dolphins.

More About Studying in Florida

In 2016, Florida charged the second lowest tuition in the nation for four years, making it more affordable for international students to travel and study in Florida. The State University System of Florida was founded in 1905, and is governed by the Florida Board of Governors. The Florida College System comprises 28 public community and state colleges. As of 2017, the University of Central Florida, with over 64,000 students, is the largest university by enrollment in the entire United States.

Florida's first private university, Stetson University, was founded in 1883. The Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida is an association of 28 private educational institutions in the state.

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