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Whether you're looking for adventure or to kick-off an international career, studying in Europe provides a limitless amount of exciting opportunities. European countries are incredibly warm and welcoming towards foreigners, and are home to thousands of the world's best universities. These universities put a lot of focus on providing immersive and integrated experiences for their international students, so you can be assured that you will have a life-changing time abroad! 

Students wanting to study in Europe can undertake programs at all levels - certificates, diplomas, Bachelors, MastersPhDs and more. Higher education is a top priority for European countries and they invest a lot of money and resources into making sure their programs are of the highest standard. Obtaining a degree in Europe will set you up for a promising career in whatever field you're interested in, and help you to develop the skills and knowledge that future employers will be looking for. Tuition costs within Europe can be quite competitive to other parts of the world, with some countries even offering study for free (such as Germany and Norway)!

Europe has 24 official languages meaning that international students coming to study in Europe will have many opportunities to learn new languages as part of their degree, in particular languages that can be incredible helpful for careers within international business or international relations, such as French, Spanish, German and Italian. What's more, more and more degrees in Europe are being offered in English, providing the same opportunities for native English speakers and those who want to brush up on their English skills.

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